5 Key Elements, Resume Needs to be Professional

Resume Writer’s Top 5 Elements to create a DIY Professional Resume

Favorite part of being a full time resume writer is that one can help people who simply want to write their own resumes instead of investing some money into having their resume professionally written.

Searching for a great job is difficult and it’s even more difficult when you have a resume that isn’t considered professional. Below you will find five key elements that your resume needs in order to be considered a professional resume for a higher level job.

Resume Elements, Professional Resume Appearance

1. Professional Resume Elements, Contact Information that is Easily Located

Employers have an issue with resumes that are too eye catching and don’t provide any contact information.

Resume Appearance

So many times a resume will be dressed up in a range of nice colors and a nice layout but the candidate simply forgot to place their contact information somewhere on the resume.

The best place to place your contact information is on the top under your heading and on the bottom as a footnote type of text.

Both of these locations are essential to getting the professional job you want and deserve.

2. Professional Resume Elements, An Eye Catching and Memorable Title

The heading your choose for your resume should be more than just your name. Employers enjoy reading a resume that isn’t like the others. Having an eye catching heading or title doesn’t mean that it has to be funny, instead it means that your heading has to be confident and has to prove that you are the best candidate for the job you are applying for.

3. Professional Resume Elements, A Well Focused Resume Objective

Have always told my many clients that having more than one resume is important because your objective might change as you go through the process of finding a job. This doesn’t mean you have to customize each resume for each employer , instead it means you should decide a universal objective that will match at least half of the jobs you intend to apply to.

4. Professional Resume Elements, Resume Appearance Counts

The appearance of your resume doesn’t have to be bright and colorful. You can change the appearance of your resume by making a unique layout or by adding a splash of color in different areas. You don’t have to create a resume that is like a graphic designers resumes, instead create something that is appealing to a number of eyes.

5. Professional Resume Elements, Keep it up to 2 Pages Long

Employers have a hard time reading a resume that is more than two pages long. Normally the reason is that the candidate has had so many jobs they don’t know which one is worthy of being included in the resume so they just include them all. This is a really bad idea. If you keep your resume up to 2 pages long you have the option of making a double siding resume which will save an employer a lot of time. Stick with only placing your last 3 jobs on your resume. You can use your skills area for the skills you have learned from your older jobs.

Sample Resume Objectives
Resume Objective Samples
Resume Objective Examples

Rather than use sample resume objectives, use a resume summary.

Resume Summary Example

resume summary example

resume summary example

Shouldn’t Your Resume Look Like This?

Professional Resume Elements, Summary, Getting Your Professional Resume Appearance

Creating a professional resume isn’t are hard as you might have thought. If you stick with the five key elements above you will have the job you are dreaming about in no time at all.

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