Accounts Payable Resume

Accounting jobs require a specific resume structure because these jobs are considered high paying and high demand jobs. On an accounts payable resume there are elements that you must include to create a worthy resume.

A hiring manager wants to see three main things within an accounts payable resume. The first is proof that you understand the accounting software they currently use in their company. The second is experience creating accounts payable spreadsheets that are easy to understand and use. The third is skills that prove that you can grow in the field or that you have already grown.

Accounts Payable Software

The first is providing proof that you know the software. The most common accounts payable software is Quickbooks. However there are tons more that bookkeepers and account payable professionals use daily. You need to spend time researching and studying each one so that it can be easily noted within your accounts payable resume.

Accounts Payable Spreadsheets

The second is experience creating accounts payable spreadsheets. There are two ways you can prove you know how to do this. The first way is to explain how many you’ve done for each company and the details you placed into it. The second is to include an example with your resume. Both will provide the proof a company needs.

Accounts Payable Skills

The third is to showcase the skills you currently have, and show that you can grow or have grown. With an accounts payable job there are many higher level jobs you can apply for and be promoted to. However to do so , you must show that you can learn a new skill or task quickly.

When you write your accounts payable resume correctly and focus on the three key elements above it can lead to a job you can be proud of. Your next job could be high paying and be just the job you’ve always wanted.

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