Administrative Assistant Resume

There are tons of different types of administrative assistant jobs, Because of that, there are even more types of assistant resumes that one needs to be prepare and alter to fit these unique administrative assistant employment job opportunity.

Creating a basic administrative assistant resume is a start and may be easier than most might assume at first.

Especially when using free resume templates and Administrative Assistant examples, so save you money and take advantage of our free resume samples.

The reason assistant resumes are a bit easier to prepare, depending on Administrative Assistant level,  is because the administrative job description can be very general in nature and the general resume form works well for the Administrative Assistant job position.

Below you will find a number of resume tips that can help you create a great general and specific administrative assistant resume that can get you the job you are searching for.

Resume Elements, Professional Resume Appearance

1. Administrative Assistant Jobs, Typing Speed will be Needed

1. You must test your typing speed before applying to any kind of job. This is an important factor that many people forget. The truth is many employers won’t hire someone if you aren’t sure how fast they can type. Speed of typing is consider highly important and should be your main priority.

2. Administrative Assistant Jobs, Kinds of Software Programs That You Know

2. State what kind of software you have used and how much you understand of it. If you are not good at a certain software than don’t list it. However if you are in the process of learning a software program list it but also state your level of knowledge. This will give the employer two great things; the first is your honesty and the second is your commitment to learning.

3. Administrative Assistant Resume, High lite any Writing Awards, Spelling Awards and Knowledge Awards

3. Showcase any kind of awards you have gotten. While there are few awards for administrative work there are some that fit into the same field. This includes writing awards, spelling awards and general knowledge awards. If you have gotten something that fits into the job perfectly then don’t be afraid to mention it no matter how common it might be to earn.

4. Administrative Assistant Resume, State Your Job Goals

4. Lastly, always remember to state your goals. Many times people place their long terms goals onto their resume. You should never do this. Instead state the kind of goals you have in mind for the job you are applying for. If you want to become a manager some day then state that.

Sample Resume Objectives
Resume Objective Samples
Resume Objective Examples

Rather than use sample resume objectives, use a resume summary.

Resume Summary Example

resume summary example

resume summary example

Shouldn’t Your Resume Look Like This?

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

While making an administrative assistant resume might seem difficult at first it’s actually one of these easiest resumes to create on your own. If you take the time to perfect your skills and also follow these rules you will have an amazing Administrative Assistant Resume in no time at all.

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