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A sample resume is the key to writing a good resume. This Sample Resume website was created by professional certified resume writers and is one of the Internet's leading sample resume writing resources. With our Sample Resume Writing package, simply copy and paste and within minutes you'll have a career specific professional resume that gets you interviewed.

Resume Cover Letter


Potential employers are looking for resumes that impress. They’re looking for resumes that stand out and say “WOW!”

They want to able to pick the right candidate for the job. By looking at resumes, they can get a feel of who would serve them best at their company.

Writing A Resume

How do you go about getting to that point? The first thing you need to do is write a resume and cover letter. Not just any resume and cover letter. They must stand out and complement each other. How do you set yourself apart from the others who are looking to get a shot?

First, you must sell your potential employer with your resume. Your resume is your calling card. The information in your resume must convey to a potential employer that you are the person for the job. Your resume should contain the following information:

* – Your contact information (name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address)
* – A tailored job objective
* – Employment history
* – Education
* – Honors and accomplishments (that are related to the job position you’re seeking)

You don’t necessarily need to list a references section on your resume nowadays unless you’re asked.

Your resume must be informative and impressive enough for a potential employer to take interest. You only have a few seconds for them to say yes or no. With so many candidates, they only have time to scan your resume and get a feel for you. Don’t overload your resume with information; it should be just enough where they’re compelled to find out more about you.

When presenting your objective in your resume, be sure that it’s tailored to meet the potential employer’s needs and not your own. The potential employer wants to know what you can do for their company. They want to know what you can do for their bottom line to help them profit.

Depending on what type of resume form you use, your employment history may go before or after your education. Regardless of which one you use, make sure it is included in your resume. When writing your honors and accomplishments, be sure to include anything that is related to the job position you’re seeking. Be detailed, but not too detailed as to where a potential employer will know everything about you. Use common words so that the prospective employer will understand what you’re trying to convey.

Writing A Cover Letter

A cover letter is important because it complements your resume. You should always have a cover letter to accompany your resume it serves as an introduction to your prospective employer. The cover letter also serves to ask for the interview.

A cover letter only requires two to three paragraphs. They should be brief and to the point. The opening paragraph should reference the job position you’re applying for. The second paragraph should reference reasons you should be called for an interview. You can use the following to make your case:

* – Education/employment experience
* – Ability to work with other people
* – Interest in the job position/company
* – Responsibilities in previous employment, especially if it related to the job position you’re seeking.

The closing paragraph should suggest a good time for an interview. Just like the resume, please include your contact information at the top left of your cover letter. Use “Sincerely” to close out the cover letter.

Using these suggestions can get you in the door with a prospective employer and ultimately lead to employment.

Technical Supervisor


Technical Supervisor Sample Resume

Technical Supervisor Sample Resume

Technical Supervisor Sample Resume

Sample Resume Letter


Sample Resume Letter

Below you will find a sample resume letter that has been custom written by a professional resume writer. A sample resume letter is the same thing as a sample resume, resume sample or resume example.

The purpose of a sample resume letter is to help you write your own resume letter.

The purpose of the resume is to get you interviewed and hired for a particular job.

The good news is that you realize you need a well written compelling resume.

The bad news is that you probably are not a professional resume writer and have probably not had to write a resume for some time.

The sample resume letter will help you to see and read what a correct resume should be like.

Your resume needs to be well written, compelling, free of any spelling or grammatical errors….and most importantly it must convey to the reader why they should be interviewing you.

The individual who reads your resume probably spends the better part of the day reading resumes just like yours. Put yourself in that persons shoes. If you had to read 200 resumes today how would you do it? Would you carefully read each and every resume in hopes of finding the perfect person for the job or would you skim each resume looking for a reason to eliminate a particular resume and individual?

You need to quickly and easily help the reader of your resume to help you. The resume reader can help you by scheduling you for the all important interview. You can help the reader of the resume by providing them with a professional well written resume that explains to them WHY you are the best candidate for the job.

I promise you that the only resume reader in the world who wants to read your life story is you and your mother.

Make your Resume Letter standout

Sample Resume Letter

Sample Resume Letter

Sample Resume Letter

Using a sample resume letter written by a professional resume writer will provide a great foundation. If your resume doesn’t look like and read like this sample resume letter I strongly suggest you invest in yourself and career by getting resume help from a resume writing service.