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Sample IT Resumes

Sample IT resumes are a dime a dozen and can be found on this sample resume web site and a zillion others. If you want your IT resume to look and read like every other IT resume then drive on.

If you would prefer that YOUR IT resume to be unique, compelling, well written and designed to get INTERVIEWS that sit back and spend some time with me.

As an IT professional I am guessing you pay attention to detail, are often analytical and always ready to learn new things.

Here is a news flash. You are not a professional resume writer and you can not be objective when writing about yourself, skills and career. You are certainly equipped to list your name, your technology skills, employers and educational background but do you really think that will make employers rush to call you and set up an interview? Nope, not a chance.

The individual who first reads your resume will probably have little interest or understanding of technology. If your IT resume does not motivate this first reader…who is often times called a “gate keeper” you will get the same results all the other tired and worn our IT resumes get. The silent treatment. The no thanks we have no interest in calling you or even emailing you treatment.

If you have submitted your resume to 10-20-30-40 positions and you never get a response, I would like to think you would realize it has nothing to do with you, your skills or experience but with your tired, boring, run of the mill IT resume.

What makes your IT resume stand out from all the others? What makes your IT resume jump to the top of the pile? What makes that gatekeeper immediately email your resume to the technical manager? What makes the technical manager stop what he is doing and reach out to you to schedule an interview?

Do you know the answer to those questions? Would you like me to share the answer to those questions with you?

All you have to do is hire me and I will answer those questions, custom write a compelling resume for you and GUARANTEE you get Interviewed.

Sample IT Resume

Sample IT Resumes : Technology Resume Sample

Sample IT Resume : Technology Resume Sample

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