Graphic Design Resume

Writing a Graphics Design Resume

A graphic designer should have two resumes. One graphic design resume should be serious and in only black and white. The other should be colorful, graphic and creative. The second one should be used to portray the skills you have directly on the paper in more than just words.

Graphics Design Resume Requirements

There are five things you should know while creating your resume. The first is write a simple black and white one for agencies and for quick gigs. The second is use graphics to highlight skills in your designer resume. The third is including samples of your work is extremely important . The forth is to keep your resume simple but still informative. The fifth is make sure that grammar and spelling is correct.
Writing two graphic design resumes is very important. Sometimes a business doesn’t want to see your colorful, eye catching resume. Instead, they want one they can place in a stack of other resumes that doesn’t look out of place. Using graphics to highlight your skills is extremely important when making a colorful resume. You need to do things such as make your skills the main focus, create a special ‘about me’ area or create a graphical resume that is completely unique in style and structure.

Include Samples of your Creative Work

Including samples of your work is how you prove you know what you are doing. It’s important to be honest and only include samples of work you have actually done. If you didn’t make it , don’t include it. A good rule of thumb is to include 3 to 5 relevant examples of your work.
Your resume must still be simple while giving the reader all the information they need. This means you can’t skip areas that people expect to be on a resume like experience, education and skills.

Check for Errors

Correct grammar and spelling on your resume can make a difference between getting the job or not. Make sure you proof read your work or, even better, have someone else, that you trust, proof read it for you. You want to present yourself in the best way possible.

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