Software Developer

Software Developer Sample Resume Example Template

To make a software developer resume you need to balance your technical expertise and experience with your functional knowledge and abilities.

We provide many free sample IT resumes that have been custom written by a professional resume writer who knows how to get job candidates interviewed and hired fast.

Software Developer Sample Resume Template Example

Software Developer Sample Resume Template Example

Writing a Software Developer resume or any IT resume can be tricky because often times the human resources person at a particular company might not be as technical as the person that will eventually be interviewing you. Keep it simple and straightforward. A functional, targeted or skill based resume format lends itself nicely in this case.

Senior Database Analyst | DBA Resume

Senior Database Analyst Sample Resume

By looking at a few professional resumes in our free sample resume collection you will be better prepared to make a job resume that will be compelling, persuasive and well designed.

Make your senior dba resume a winner by using the correct format and design.

Senior Database Analyst Sample Resume Template Example

Senior Database Analyst Sample Resume Template Example


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Sample Technical Resume

Before you embark on writing a technical, technology or IT resume it would make sense you spend some time reviewing sample technical resumes.

Pay attention to how the sample technical resume is formatted, what skills are highlighted and how the writer objectively describes and details work or project responsibilities and achievements. If the sample technical resume you use has been made by a professional resume writer you are in luck. If the sample technology resume you are using was written by a tech guy from a sweat shop you are looking for trouble and wasting your time and will certainly not get an interview.

Technical resumes are of course technical and zero fun to read. An obstacle you need to overcome is that the first reader of your resume will not be technical and will bore quickly and easily. The upside is that most of your competition will be using the same tired technology resume format and will put the resume reader to sleep. You have an outstanding opportunity to make your technical resume an interview magnet if you do things properly.

By do things properly I mean hiring a professional resume writer who has been trained and certified to write compelling jump off the pile get me an interview today resumes.

If you have no need to be interviewed quickly and often, keep on trolling around this sample resume site and waste your time thinking you can write a compelling professional resume that will make your telephone ring. Face the facts…you are a technical professional not an objective experienced professional resume writer.

If you want that technical telephone of yours to ring on a regular basis you will need to invest in yourself and hire a professional resume writer who will work one on one with you to craft a customized resume that will have the Interview light shining brightly on YOU.

In that your technical profession probably means you earn a healthy paycheck, the sooner you are back on a payroll the better. If by hiring and using a professional resume writer you get hired three weeks earlier than if you didn’t hire the professional writer…was it worth it? Of course it was worth it, do the paycheck math yourself.

Sample Technical Resume

sample technical resume : technology resume sample

sample technical resume : technology resume sample

I have an idea. Why not use our resume builder that comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied?

resume builder : resume writing software : resume maker

resume builder : resume writing software : resume maker

Information Technology | IT

Sample IT Resume

IT resume writing is not a job for the faint of heart. The competition is keen and the content is complicated.

Technology resume writing requires you to balance the functional with the technical. Not every reader of your resume knows what a database is or all the platforms, networking and computer languages you will write about.

Finding a good sample IT resume is a good start but how do you know a good sample IT resume when you happen upon it?

Professional Information Technology Resume Sample

If you only had one search criteria in your quest to find a good sample IT resume I would suggest it be a sample technology resume that has been written by a professional certified resume writer who works daily writing technology resumes and has a long track record of creating compelling IT resumes that are cause for interviews.

I know the track record deal might be hard to find but a sample IT resume that was written by a professional resume writer is a reasonable objective.

The only function your IT resume should serve is to generate interviews for you. It should not be your life story, it should not be about each and every form of technology you know about work with or understand. It should not be about every technology training or certification you possess. You will have plenty enough time to impress people with your background and knowledge after you complete the first objective which is to get an interview. Without an interview you will never have the opportunity to explain how uniquely qualified you are for a particular technology position.

The dilemma you face when you need to make an IT resume is the balance of providing enough information to let the resume reader know you are qualified for the position, without making his head explode with your technology speak.

You must articulate in writing that you are qualified, eager to interview for the position you are applying for.

Please keep in mind that in most cases the first human reader of your resume will not be as comfortable with technology and technology terms and buzz words as you are. This first resume reader who is often referred to as the “gate keeper” can make or break your quest to be interviewed. I recommend you use the body of your resume to communicate the functional aspects of your skills and experience, highlighting the value you provide and have provided, then list the languages, platforms, networks and any other brain exploding information at the bottom of the resume in a skills or keyword section.

Free Information Technology Resume Samples

If you want to make quick work of your it resume writing project and spend the majority of your time interviewing, I suggest you use one of our resume writing tools that will save you time, save you money and get you the interview.

Sample Resumes that you can edit.
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The choice is yours. Spend your time banging your head against the wall trying to write a compelling IT resume or spend your time interviewing.

Sample IT Resume

sample IT resume   technology resume written by professional resume writer

sample IT resume technology resume written by professional resume writer