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Sample Resume References

Do not put references on your resume. If an employer wants and needs references they will ask for them at the appropriate time.

Sample resume references are not a good idea. Your resume could end up anywhere and be accessed by anyone. Do you know what happens to your resume at each of the online resume job sites? What happens to your resume when you respond directly to a job at a company?

References on your resume is just way too much information. I do not think that your references want to be contacted by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Resumes and references work together but you don’t put the references on your resume. When you are using a sample resume to help you make a resume you should at the same time begin to compile and create a list of professional and personal references that an employer or recruiter might ask for as you begin the interview process.

Many people create a reference sheet or reference letter ahead of time so that when they are asked for references they are prepared and professional.

Job References

There is a professional protocol that should be followed when providing a list of references to a potential employer. Let me make a few suggestions.

Contact all potential references and ask their permission to be used as a reference.
If the individual agrees to be a reference for you ask them how they would like to be contacted by a potential employer or recruiter you are working with.
Each time you provide your references to an employer or recruiter you contact each reference and alert them so they can be prepared and expect contact.
After you have completed the resume, application, interview process please remember to contact each reference and thank them for their help and assistance.

Choose Your References Wisely

The references you provide an employer or recruiter are an extension of you and represent you. If a potential reference is not reliable or professional it might be a good idea to find a different reference.

Checking references is a funny thing. The employer and recruiter in most cases expect you to provide references that will give you glowing and positive recommendations. If a reference gives you anything but a positive…you are the best in the world reference….you are in trouble.

The most professional and aggressive employers and recruiters will not only check the references you provide them but they will also do some reference checking on their own. Calling past employers and coworkers at the very least. If in your opinion there are people out there that will not or would not give you a positive reference you need to be prepared to explain why they wouldn’t.

You can be the perfect candidate for a job, have a great professional resume, have a series of great interviews but if your references shoot you down… will no longer be the front runner for the job. Be proactive and prepared to explain any and all situations, issues or comment. If there is a potential issue it is often good policy to disclose it up front so your view, voice or opinion can be heard and reviewed.

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