Nursing Resume Sample, Example Resumes for Nurses

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Registered Nursing Job market in recent years along with the nursing profession has become more competitive. Your resume must demonstrate that you can be compassionate as well as professional.

Nursing Resume Goals

In your nursing resume should clearly reflect your nursing experience, technical skills, ability and RN graduate history.

In your nursing resume, your qualifications summary should explain what knowledge, experience and skills you have to want an employer to interview you.

Nursing Grads Resume

A recent nursing graduate or candidate with little experience should list the following on their nursing resume: related nursing courses and clinical rotations with medical knowledge detail.

It would be helpful for recent graduates that have a good GPA to make note of that on the nursing resume. Also, for recent graduates, the Education section should precede the Experience section on your nursing resume.

If you have completed the licensing process, include in your nursing resume your license details. That includes all states for which you have licenses and effective license dates. When a job offer is made to you, your employer will require a copy of your license. You do not have to put your license number on your nursing resume.

Nursing Resumes: Experienced

For experienced nurses, please include the fields of medical specialization (ICU, Pediatrics, Critical Care Unit) you worked in on your nursing resume. Include on your nursing resume how many years of experience you had in each specialization. You must also include what type of facility you worked in (clinic, hospital, nursing home, etc.). On your nursing resume, include how many patient caseloads you had at each facility.

Your nursing resume should explain your job duties and what you did to help the department be efficient and effective. Think about the following questions and write down the answers as they apply to you:

What did you do to help the department run smoothly? Did you go beyond the call of duty? If so, what did you do? Were you able to remain calm and focused in times of emergency or stressful situations? Did you establish a compassionate and professional relationship with patients?

Your nursing resume should reflect solid and thought out answers to the above questions.

Nursing Resume Summary

In addition to that, your nursing resume should reflect the kind of affect you had on the physicians, other nurses and co-workers, and patients. If you want to stand out as a candidate, your nursing resume should include contributions that exceeded your regular responsibilities. Some of these include, but are not limited to: community health screenings, medical review boards, training co-workers, implementing a new health program (healthy eating, exercise, diabetes control).

The more contributions you made in your work, the more likely your future employer will take you into consideration. Employers look for nursing candidates who have solid and exceptional work ethics.

Nursing Resume

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One of the hottest professions our there today is the nursing field. Not only is it one of the hottest it is also a very difficult field.

Nursing Resume Education

In order to get the nursing job of your dreams you need to have a high class resume that will stand out amongst the rest. While nursing is a difficult job field it is also a field that is always in high demand.

Nursing Resume Skills

Now not every nursing job is the same. The skills you need to be an office nurse are different than those you need to be an ER nurse. This is why your resume is so important because it shows that you posses the necessary skills to find the nursing job you want. Your nursing resume should be written with a qualifications summary heading, an expertise section, your experience and education. Here are a few tips on how to make your resume stand and land you the dream nursing job you deserve.

Nursing Resume Ideas

For starters a nursing resume should never be any longer than two pages at the most. A one page resume if at all possible is even better. Keep in mind that the entire point of your nursing resume is to show the most relevant and detailed skills and experienced in an organized and professional way.

Next, you do not need to include every detail of your nursing career. Surprising isn’t it? You do need to include the basics such as your name, your licenses, where you studied etc etc, but you do not need to include your candy striping job from back in the day. The secret to a good nursing resume is to take the position you are applying for and create your objective based on that position and everything else, your expertise, training, skills and experienced in your resume should be tailored for that position. Keep it interesting and easy to read. You can look online at many nursing resumes to see all the different ways that you can showcase your strongest skills, especially those that fit the position you are applying for.

Nursing Resume Tips

You also want to show your assets to any employer and you can do that by showing in your resume how you went above and beyond your job duties and left a lasting impression on not only your employer but also your patients and their family members. Were you on any committees? Do you have strong patient-advocacy skills? Did you provide any free community healthcare seminars? No matter how small of a deal you may thing it is, list it. You are still showing potential employers that you would be a huge asset for them to have on their staff.

In your education section make sure you mention any honors or fellowships. If you are just starting out and have just graduated from nursing school, included your GPA if it was impressive enough and courses you have taken that will help you do your job. You can also include your licenses in this section also.

Nursing Resume Summary

Once you are done creating your nursing resume it is a good idea to have someone look it over for any grammatical errors. This way your risk of turning in a poorly written nursing resume is reduced.

Following these steps will help you achieve your dream nursing job faster than you ever thought possible.

Free Nursing Resume

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Nursing Resume

Once you finish nursing school and get your necessary licenses, you are ready to apply for a nursing job. But first you will need to create a nursing resume.

What is a nursing resume? It is simply a document that explains how you are qualified for the position you are applying for. If you have no idea how to get started, you can obtain a sample of a free nursing resume off the Internet.

Nursing Resume Samples

Does it sound astounding to you that it is possible to get a free nursing resume? Well, think about it from a marketing perspective. The companies or webmasters that offer you a free nursing resume are getting either your email address, (if they require you to subscribe to their list before you download the resume), or simply your attention.

As you browse through the samples of free nursing resumes, you increase the probability that you see an advertisement that is of interest. If you click on the advertisement before or after you download your free nursing resume, the company or webmaster receives a commission either for the click or if you actually make a purchase. Indeed, everyone wins with free nursing resumes.

Nursing Resume Template

After you obtain a free nursing resume, you can use it as a template for your own nursing resume. This is assuming the free nursing resume is a readable word processing document. If the free nursing resume is not in a word processing format or it is ‘read-only’ you will not be able to modify it. Yet, this does not mean that the free nursing resume is not useful to you.

You can still use it for ideas. However, make sure that you do not copy word-for-word what is on the free nursing resume. This is for two reasons. First you do not legally own the information on the free nursing resume. If it’s discovered you’re illegally copying the information, (which the writer of the free nursing resume can tell by using services like Copyscape), you could be held liable for copyright infringement.

Secondly, it’s fraud because the experience found on the free nursing resume won’t match up to your particular experience. Indeed, free nursing resumes should only serve as a guide. You still need to do what is necessary to create a nursing resume from your own experience and writing ability.

Nursing Resume Conclusion

In conclusion, a free resume can be a perfect tool for helping you brainstorm ideas for creating your own nursing resume. While you cannot 100% copy what is contained within the free nursing resume, you can still use it an aide to know what to say, how to format and where to place certain things. In fact, if you are able to get a free nursing resume that is specifically tailored to your field, you’ll get an even clearer picture on how to create the perfect nursing resume for the job you’re looking for.

To do this simply type in the name of your field followed by the term ‘free nursing resume’ into a search engine. Hopefully, the sites that come up will contain free nursing resumes that are designed with your particular field in mind.


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Nurse Sample Resume

Nurse Sample Resume

Nurse Sample Resume