Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

Admin, assistant, secretary, administrative, receptionist and clerical resumes have a common theme.

Your resume message should be that you are professional, competent, reliable, flexible, skilled and a team player.

Admin Assistant

If by using administrative assistant resume samples you can get this message across you are sending the right message and will probably soon be interviewing for a job.

Throughout this sample resume writing website you will find administrative assistant resume samples, receptionist resume samples, secretary resume samples as well as office manager and clerical sample resumes.

Find the one that best mirrors your background, skill set and job target.

Admin Assistant Resume Options

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Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

administrative assistant resume samples : admin resume : secretary resume

administrative assistant resume samples : admin resume : secretary resume

Secretary Resume

Sample Resume Secretary

Writing a secretary resume doesn’t require that you reinvent the wheel. Get yourself a few sample secretary resumes and you are on your way to a professional resume.

Secretary Samples

Your secretarial job resume should involve a series or group of sample resumes for secretaries that have been written by a professional resume writer.

If you use just any sample resume you find you are asking for trouble and will probably be sending the wrong message to the prospective employer.

You are a competent reliable professional and you should have a secretary resume to match. You have valuable secretarial skills so make sure when writing your resume you let the resume reader know.

Secretary Resume Goals

Depending on how long you have been a secretary will dictate what resume format you should use. If you are short on experience but long on skills use a functional resume format of a skills based resume format. For longer tenured secretaries with a track record of professional positions do not be afraid to share that with the prospective employer by using a chronological resume format or style.

Keep in mind that the purpose of your secretary resume is to generate and be cause for interviews. You will have plenty of time and opportunity to tell your life story during a face to face interview.

Have your secretary resume tell the reader:

I am professional
I work hard
I am reliable
I have skills
I have integrity
I am a team player
I take instructions well
I work well with others
I am personable

Last but not least…..I WANT THE JOB, CAN I HAVE IT PLEASE.

Secretary Resume Summary

You need to tell the reader you want the job and you will take it if it is offered. Make it easy for the employer to know who you are, what you do well and why you would be an outstanding employee.

Sample Secretary Resume

sample resume secretary : secretarial resume

sample resume secretary : secretarial resume


Sample Resume Assistant

If you are looking for a resume sample for an assistant you have come to and found the right place.

You will find a series of resumes that have been written by a professional resume writer.

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resume builder : resume maker ; resume writing software

resume builder : resume maker ; resume writing software

An assistant resume sample will help you write a pretty good resume. Not that all assistants are the same or that every assistants job is the same but a sample assistants resume will show you how to best highlight or sell your skills and experience.

Sample Resume Assistant

sample resume assistant

sample resume assistant