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Resume objectives are not always included when writing a resume. More often than not a professional resume has no resume objective at all. You will see many sample resumes with objectives but I am pretty sure the writer of the resume was not a professional resume writer.

At one time there was a place and purpose for resume objectives. When companies and prospective employers actually cared what your personal objectives were. From a resume format standpoint you are much better off using a summary section at the top of your resume.

With a resume you only have a few short minutes to impress the reader. Rather than tell the employer what your personal or professional objectives are, your potential of getting an interview are much better if you use the top of your resume to emphasize what about you makes you the best candidate for the position you are applying for.

The reason there is a job opening is because the hiring company has a need. They have a vital position within their organization that needs to be filled with the best available candidate. With a summary section rather than a resume objective you can highlight to the reader that you are the best person for the job. Help the hiring company to help you by making it easier for them to see that you are the best candidate.

Use the resume samples on this website to see how professional resume writers make a resume. You will find that in today’s competitive job market that the best candidates, the job candidates who get the interviews are the individuals who use summary sections at the top of their resume rather than an objective statement.

There is perhaps one exception. Often time companies that hire new college graduates to training positions or training programs have an interest in what the career and life objectives of the entry level candidate is. That would be the exception rather than the rule when it comes to resume objectives.

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A great example of the use of a summary statement versus a resume objective in a sample resume is below.

summary statement resume

summary statement resume

Using a statement summary on your resume rather than a resume objective will actually help you reach your objective which is to get an interview.