Writing A Sales Resume

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Writing a resume for a sales position is a challenge, because in your resume you must prove that you can sell and that you are a great sales person. There are many things that must be included but few people actually do.

These missing items include :

High Impact Sales pitch

If you are a professional salesperson, you need to show that on your resume. It can’t just be something you can do in person. You need a sales pitch that highlights your skills, personality and your ability to elicit a positive reaction from the reader.

Action Packed Statements

Using action packed statements is a must as well. It’s great that there are tons of awards for sales people all over the world but some are more action packed than others. You want to note the achievements you’ve made that will surprise people, impress people and also make them envy you.

Company confidentiality Agreements

Sharing too much confidential information is also something employers and hiring managers look out for. They don’t want to stress out that if you leave their company, you will share their trade secrets. So make sure while writing your resume that you avoid saying anything that would be deemed confidential.

Focus on Results

Results need to be seen with numbers not words. Also using exact numbers is better than estimates. Which do you think will get you a phone call from a hiring manager … over 300 sales in 1 month or 365 sales in one month? Both will and can work but the second one looks better and uses less words. It also proves you keep track of your numbers.

Quantifiable Results

There are other numbers you can mention too. These numbers might include, your sales rankings within your company and/or your industry if possible, market share growth, and client base growth over a designated time period.

Feel free to check out our resume samples for more ideas on writing a winning sales resume.

Graphic Design Resume

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Writing a Graphics Design Resume

A graphic designer should have two resumes. One graphic design resume should be serious and in only black and white. The other should be colorful, graphic and creative. The second one should be used to portray the skills you have directly on the paper in more than just words.

Graphics Design Resume Requirements

There are five things you should know while creating your resume. The first is write a simple black and white one for agencies and for quick gigs. The second is use graphics to highlight skills in your designer resume. The third is including samples of your work is extremely important . The forth is to keep your resume simple but still informative. The fifth is make sure that grammar and spelling is correct.
Writing two graphic design resumes is very important. Sometimes a business doesn’t want to see your colorful, eye catching resume. Instead, they want one they can place in a stack of other resumes that doesn’t look out of place. Using graphics to highlight your skills is extremely important when making a colorful resume. You need to do things such as make your skills the main focus, create a special ‘about me’ area or create a graphical resume that is completely unique in style and structure.

Include Samples of your Creative Work

Including samples of your work is how you prove you know what you are doing. It’s important to be honest and only include samples of work you have actually done. If you didn’t make it , don’t include it. A good rule of thumb is to include 3 to 5 relevant examples of your work.
Your resume must still be simple while giving the reader all the information they need. This means you can’t skip areas that people expect to be on a resume like experience, education and skills.

Check for Errors

Correct grammar and spelling on your resume can make a difference between getting the job or not. Make sure you proof read your work or, even better, have someone else, that you trust, proof read it for you. You want to present yourself in the best way possible.

Executive Resume Writing

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You have gotten to the point where you are an executive and now you need a resume to match the new title you hold. Of course writing an executive resume isn’t as easy as it should be. In fact, writing an executive resume is a huge challenge and must be taken seriously.

<h2>Executive Resume Writing Tips</h2>

Here are some tips that will allow you to make an executive resume for yourself that will lead you to the well paying job you want and deserve.

First format is very important. The thing about format is it can’t just be how you structure your resume but it also has to be the paper you use and the other elements of that paper. You want to have a resume that looks great on paper. But it should also be easy to copy and paste and still look great within an online application.

Second you no longer need an objective instead you need to use a summary. It has to be well written too. Your summary is normally the first thing to be read by the hiring manager. You want your summary to basically introduce yourself to them and invite them to read the whole resume afterwards.

Third is you need to place your experience into context. While your resume will still be around 2 pages long, it doesn’t need to be any more longer than that. When you place your experience onto your resume, be sure to include a short summary of the company to let the reader know what the company does. The key factor is to keep things short and sweet. You don’t have to be extremely detailed with each company description. However, you should mention these two important elements ; where you worked and what you did and if needed how you did it.

The forth and last tip is to avoid having super long education/ training sections. As an executive it’s implied that you will have a ton of experience. You don’t need to mention the classic skills, instead focus on the specialty skills that matter the most for the job you are applying for.

Nursing Student Resume

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Guide to Writing a Student Nursing Resume

Nursing students require resumes to get internships and also to get entry level jobs within the nursing field. This can be a challenge because as a student you only have so much experience to list. It’s okay though, you can still make an amazing resume worthy of showing to everyone.

First you need to start with a summary of your skills. When describing your nursing experience, write about the type of facility you’ve been training in or the type of place you hope to work in such as acute care, outpatient department, or rehabilitation.
As a student most of your work is currently training, you need to showcase your experience by outlining your job functions and how well you did them. It’s important to note throughout your resume that you are able to learn quickly.

On your nursing student resume, utilize the ‘skills’ segment to present your skill set. If you hope to get into a specific type of nursing job, you want to showcase those specific skills throughout your resume. They should be easy to see and read.
As a nursing student, it is a must that you give a resume that obviously characterizes the sort of individual you are, your abilities and experience. Your personality and you professional goals should shine on paper so that is leads you to your interview faster than ever.
Here are some key elements to add to your resume to help you stand out.
Use your summary to showcase your goals. It shouldn’t be too long. It must also be professional and promote people to read.
Instead of experience, use an expertise section to showcase the skills you’ve mastered as a student.
Notes about you honors and awards are important as a student. If you’ve gotten awards in your field mention it.

Call Center Resume

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Call center jobs require specific things to ensure that you get both the interview and get the job in the end. Having a specific call center resume is the key to getting the correct job for your field.

Creating a call center resume doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, it can be both fast and easy. There are four key elements to a call center resume that are extremely important. The first is your personal details. The second is your work experience, the third is your skills, along with your education details and the last is your references. Because call center jobs come often it’s important that your resume meets all four of these things. By having them all on your resume you don’t have to stress about anything more than submitting a great cover letter to go with it.

Personal Details

The first key element is your personal details. Some also refer to these as your data. Within your personal details people need to know who you are. Unlike a traditional resume where none of these things matter, they do for a call center. You must note where you live, your gender and your contact details.

Work Experience

The second key element is your work experience. You want to list your work experience in reverse chronological order to make it look neat on paper. Within each experience you need to explain what you did and how you did it. If you were asked to sell over the phone, note how many sales you made daily on average.

Skills And Education

The third key element are your skills along side your education details. If you are just starting out you may have limited skills but a good education. It’s great to highlight those within this section. Your skills should also note what kind of call center software programs you are used to working with.


The forth key element is your references. Instead of having employers ask for them directly, you can easily place 3 references on the very bottom of your resume. Include their name, number or email address and where you know them from. You need at least three.

Medical Assistant Resume

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Medical Assistant Sample Resume

Medical assisting is a top field for all ages and all types of people from all around the world. Because of that , it’s easy to find it a challenge to write a correctly formatted medical assisting resume.

The structure of your medical assistant resume can lead you to the job interview or prevent you from even getting to that point.
There are five elements that are a must have within your medical assistant resume. The first one is to build a strong introduction. The second element is to create a list of your strongest skills. The third is to make yourself easy to get a hold of. The forth is the give your resume a good closing. The fifth is to proofread like crazy.
The first one is to build a strong introduction. Because there is so much competition between other applicants. You want to write an introduction that showcase your skill, knowledge and understanding of the job you are applying for.

The second element is to create a list of your strongest skills. These skills include all things medical. Classic skills like typing and math aren’t always needed within your skill list. Instead focus on specialty skills that only you master.
The third is to make yourself easy to get hold of. This means putting your information in an easy to read place. If your resume has two pages make sure that both pages have your contact information. And make sure that your contact information is accurate.
The forth is to give your resume a good closing. Ending some a quote is great for the health field. You can also point out your skills once again or note that your references are happy to provide great reviews.
The fifth is to proofread like crazy. Make sure you proof read your resume . Having second eyes can help make sure it’s good also.

How Long Should A Resume Be?

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It’s a question many people ask themselves when they are starting to write a new resume. It’s actually not an easy question to answer at all. There are a number of factors that have to be considered that allow you to determine how long your resume must be.

Customize Your Resume

The first consideration is the breadth of your experience. For example if you have been a manager in a number of companies for more than 10 years, then a two page resume is a good idea.

However, if you haven’t been in your desired field for at least 5 years, you should only have a resume with one page.

The second element is the job position itself. For example a resume for a truck driver can actually be the same length as a sales person.

You may ask why? Because each might have 10 to 30 years of experience in that field. They may have worked for tons of companies. And each may also have skills that are unmatched by others.

If however the position is something much smaller such as a cashier at retail stores or a hostess at various restaurants, those resumes won’t be as detailed or long. Instead they will short and to the point.

The length of the resume really depends on the job. So always consider the job when you are applying with a standard resume.

The third factor is what sections are needed in the resume. For example, a common resume has a summary, skills, education and experience. But some resumes require other elements. These elements may include things like awards, list of known software, tests taken and passed.

The best way to know if you resume needs those extra elements is to look at examples of resumes in that field. And also be sure to refer to the job application itself to customize your resume for that position.

Windows Administrator Resume

Windows Administrator Sample Resume

This Windows Administrator sample resume is no different than a resume example or resume template.

Use this resume to get started on your resume writing.

If you are stuck, then use our free online resume builder to create your professional resume.

Like most technology resumes your Windows Administrator resume should balance your technical and functional skills, experience and education.

Windows Administrator Sample Resume Example Template

Windows Administrator Sample Resume Example Template

Resume Wizard

Writing a resume from scratch can be a very hard and sometimes stressful task. You might not even know where to start and using a professional writing service is out of the question because of the cost. So what do you do?

You might be surprised to know that your computer can hold the answer to all your questions about writing a resume. Did you know that Microsoft office comes equipped with a resume wizard? No matter what version of Microsoft office you have, you can find the resume wizard.

Resume Style

The first thing you will be asked to do when using the resume wizard to pick the style of resume you want. You will have the following choices: Chronological, Functional and Professional. Once you make your choice the resume wizard will bring up more options as to what type of resume you want. Do you want an entry-level resume, or something else? Then you will have to enter in your contact information.

Resume Headings

The next option the resume wizard will bring you too is options for headings. It will already have pre-selected the headings that are most common for what every style you have picked and you have the option to add more if you want. Then the resume wizard will bring you to a screen that will show headers that might sometimes be included in the style of resume you chose and give you the option to add them. Finally you will come to the last screen where you can review your choices and add any other headers that you want, that you might not have seen as a choice. Once you click on finish it will generate the resume and tell you where you should fill in your experience, objective, etc etc.

If you do not have Microsoft word, please do not worry. Simply log on to the internet and do a search for a resume wizard. You will be surprised at the results. Each of these resume wizards work in almost the same manner as the Microsoft one though some of them will offer you the option of publishing them online it you want.

Resume Basic Layout

A resume wizard is a great tool to use and will give you the basic layout of your resume. What Windows resume wizard or any online free resume wizard will not do is write your resume for your, or offer suggestions. In order to find a resume wizard that will do that, you more than likely will have to buy resume wizard software. Some software programs will offer suggestions on how to phrase your objectives and phrase your experience in a professional manner.

Using a resume wizard is a great place to start when writing your resume. It will help you design a resume that is easy to read and easy on the eye.

Resume Sample

There are literally millions of resume samples on the internet. Anyone who needs help writing their resume can easily find it on the net, but falling into the “resume sample trap” is easy to do with so many resume samples available.

What many people do, and is exactly what you shouldn’t do, is copy a resume sample right off the internet. Even though the format of successful resumes are similar, using a resume sample you found online and only changing a few words is not a good idea.

Using a copied resume is obvious to most employers and even if the resume sample you found is a good one, your resume will still suffer from the lack of originality. Using a resume sample is okay, you just have to know how to use a resume sample effectively and make it your own.

Resume Sample Format

Decide which format of resume is right for you and then look at a lot of different resumes in that form. Decide which features you like best from each resume sample and incorporate them into your resume. Pick the resumes that really stand out to you. Look for resume samples that are interesting, easy to read, and compel you to read more. Even if you find one resume sample that is great, look for more. The more resume samples you look at the more great ideas you have.

After you pick a few resume samples that seem good to you, pick the best features from each resume sample. Take those features and use them in your resume. If you like a particular resume sample because of the language it uses, don’t copy it directly. Employers see hundreds of resumes and great wording from resume samples online appears more than you would think. Instead, identify what makes the resume sample interesting and find your own way to word it.

Customize Resume Sample

Resume samples can be a big help or a big letdown. Remember never to copy a resume sample exactly, rather find the best qualities of many resumes and mix them together. You should look at a variety of formats and styles to find one that suits your needs. Above all, never use wording exactly as it appears on a sample resume, rather find your own way to get the same message across. Resume samples are a great way to get a idea of what your resume should be like, just remember to always make your resume unique.


Would you like to write great resumes! And yes, the word is plural because if you are applying for multiple jobs you are talking about creating resumes – one for each of the jobs for which you are applying. Your resumes are your marketing brochures, your advertisements of yourself and should be approached in that way.

Customize Your Resume

Never, never, never just bounce a resume response out the door. The resumes that you send out should be crafted to respond to the specific job for which you are applying. Good add copy is geared to the demographics and lifestyles of the audience, your resumes should be geared to the needs of the job and the company to which you are applying.

Dissect Job Posting

Before you begin to write, read and dissect the job announcement. What are they looking for? What are the needs of the company? What sort of resumes will appeal to the person who is doing the sorting of the resumes? What skills and abilities will be of the most value to this company? You might ask yourself, “If I was doing the hiring, what would I be looking for in my review of the resumes I received. What would make me stop and take another look? What would it take for me to separate one from the whole pile of resumes? Take some time with this exercise, writing the responses to these questions, each one on a separate page. Go back through and see where your skills and experiences fit.

Create Job Resume

Now you are ready to construct your resume so that it meets the needs of your prospective employer. Make your objective about what the employer will value — increasing sales, providing solutions that increase profits, developing new business. Write it so that someone whose eye rests on it for 10 seconds will say, “Yes, that’s what we need.” Among all the resumes they are reviewing, yours is one that makes the final cut.

The other most important part of all of the resumes you will construct are the summaries. The summary talks about you and your abilities, and how those meet the needs of the company. Again, ask yourself, “if I was doing the hiring, what specific skills would I be looking for?” Craft the summary part of all of your resumes so that it’s job specific and clearly shows how what you have to offer meets the job requirements.

Remember, you are selling you. And well-crafted resumes are the way to accomplish that goal.

Resume Writing Advice

A resume is an important document in the business world.

It is one of the first things that a potential employer will look at, and is the document that should most clearly communicate details about yourself that you want a potential employer to see. By having a resume that shows off your skills in a professional manner, you are more likely to obtain a job than other people.

Resume Writing

Resumes should have a few key parts. First, they should contain personal information about yourself, like your name, address, telephone number and email address. They should not contain details like your height, weight, or birthday (unless relevant to the job you are applying for). This personal information will be used by the employer to keep track of who you are in their system, as well as to make contact with you about the status of your job application.

A resume should also contain details about your educational background. This background should include any colleges or universities you attended, and does not usually need to include what high school you attended, unless the employer requests this information. Your educational background information also needs to include the names of the schools you attended, what degrees you earned and what (if any) degree programs you are currently enrolled in. Employers can often be more favorable towards potential employees who have advanced degrees than towards those that don’t.

Relevant work experience should be included after your educational background, and needs to include the dates you worked in each job, along with where the jobs were located and what companies they were with. If you are just coming out of school, then you should list any internships or work study programs you were enrolled in. Each entry in this list should include information on the responsibilities you held while in the job, as well as your title and the name of the person you reported to. Jobs that are not relevant to the one you are applying for may or may not be omitted from this list; it’s really up to you.

Finally, you should list your hobbies and activities that you find enjoyable outside of your work life. You should be careful in listing all of your hobbies, however; things that you find acceptable may not be seen as such in the company you are applying to. Discretion, in this case, is the best course of action.

Resume Advice Summary

That’s really all there is to a resume. It’s really just a document that introduces you to a potential employer and tells them why you’re perfect for the job. For some companies, you may want to write specialized resumes that focus on the skills or experience that they find most attractive. Regardless of however you do it, though, as long as you include these main categories, you should be off to a good start in writing your resume.

Free Resume Help

You’ve gotten started on the first step towards procurement of a professional career by writing your resume.

Your fingers flow at the keyboard as you type in your skills and abilities through a template or resume builder.

But when the resume is finished, you don’t feel satisfied. There just has to be something wrong with it, yet how can you tell if you’re the only evaluator?

This is why you need to get free resume help once your resume is complete and/or if you are having writer’s block while creating it.

To get free resume help you can utilize: the career centers of a college campus, a free critique from a job site or career-related message boards.

Resume Help – College Career Centers

If you have attended or are attending a college, don’t be afraid to get free resume help from their career center. Every major college whether accredited or not should have them. In fact, not only can the counselors at the career center offer you free resume help, but they can also get you in touch with potential employers looking to hire people off of the campus. Also, don’t think because it’s been awhile since you’ve graduated that you can’t take advantage of the free resume help and career placement assistance from your school’s career center. If you are part of your school’s alumni program, you should still have access to your all or most of your college’s facilities, including the career center.

Resume Help – Job Sites

The next option for free resume help involves getting a free resume critique from a job site. When you get free resume help through this method, basically you fill out a form and upload your resume. In a day or so, you’ll get an email detailing what you need to do to improve your resume. Why would job sites offer free resume help in this way? It’s a marketing tactic. By offering free resume help in the form of a resume critique, they are hoping you are impressed enough to eventually join their site and/or take advantages of their paid services. Careerbuilder’s resume critiquing service is an example.

Resume Help – Career Message Boards

Lastly, you can get free resume help from career-related message boards. There are hundreds available on the Internet. Some are in the form of ‘groups’ while others are in a more normal message board format. Of course, when using a career-related message board, make sure you are not spamming. Contribute to other threads and post your request for free resume help in an appropriate way. This means only list the request once, and list it in threads that would relate in some way to free resume help.

In conclusion, when it comes to getting free resume help you have the following options: using the career center of a college, getting a free resume critique from a job site or using a career-related message board. With all of these alternatives available, you should be well on your way in creating a resume that will win you the career of your dreams. Indeed, without these resources you will never know for sure if your resume is as effective as it could be.

Free Resume Software

Key Features of the Best Free Resume Writing Software

If you feel as though writing your resume is impossible, you are not alone.

Many people, especially those who are new at job hunting or who are re-entering the workforce, have a hard time writing a great resume. If you need some help, free resume software can be the answer. Creating your resume with free resume software can eliminate a lot of the stress and help you to create an effective resume in no time.

Resume Software Features

The features of free resume software vary, and some programs are better at others and give you more flexibility. There are a few key features that you should look before you seek help from free resume software. While most free resume software is pretty basic in nature, you will want to go with a program that has the most features that will benefit your resume and boost its quality.

Resume Template

The simplest free resume software is just a template in which you fill in all your information. This is fine if you know how to effectively write a resume, but chances are if you knew how you wouldn’t be seeking help from free resume software. Look for a program that offers tips on word selection, offers multiple formats, and is compatible with the majority of computers and word processing programs.

One of the features of a great resume is action words. Words like achieved, collaborated, developed, increased, maintained, supervised, and utilized are the types of words that you should use in your resume. They give your resume a much greater impact and the free resume software you choose should help you to pick the proper action words.

Resume Format

The most common format of a resume is chronological format, but this may not be the best format for you. Many free resume programs only allow you to create your resume using one format, the most popular, and if you need a specialized resume then you need to go with a free resume program with more options. Picking a free resume program that gives you more than one format will give you the most flexibility and will ensure that your resume is tailor made for your situation.

Some free resume software only lets you save your resume on a website or in one form. This is ok if you are only going to print your resume out and present it to potential employers in person, but in today’s world email is becoming a more and more popular way to submit a resume for consideration. With that being said, the ability to save your resume in different formats is important. Different companies will have different forms they prefer to receive resumes in so you should make sure your free resume software gives you the ability to save your resume in the most common forms.

Christian Resume Samples

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What a Christian Should Include in their Resume

Some Christians wonder whether or not to include their faith in their resume.

Certainly job experience and other job related skills obtained from your church should be included on your resume, but there are other, more important and subtle ways your faith should be included in your resume. Unless you are seeking a ministry related job or other job in the church, a direct declaration of your faith on your resume is not always the best idea. Instead include our faith in your resume in other ways that are sure to illustrate your Christian faith.

One way your Christian faith should show on your resume is through your honesty. Honesty is an important part of the Christian faith and is also an important part of a resume. Let your faith show in your resume through your honesty by not embellishing your resume with untrue or misleading statements. Only include skills and abilities you possess on your resume. More and more companies use background checks and your honesty will pay off in the long run.

Another way your faith can be included in your resume is through your references. If you are true to your Christian faith your references will have good things to day about you and how much you value your community and working as a team. Your references should not say you that you didn’t try your best, gossiped or engaged in any other negative activity at your last job. Your references are a great way to show your Christian faith on your resume.

The achievements on your resume will also tell employers about your Christian faith. If your heart was not in your job, your faith will not shine through on your resume. If your heart was not in your community and your other involvements, it will not shine through on your resume. Be sure to include achievements that you can be proud of on your resume as they will demonstrate your Christian faith in how hard you worked to achieve your goals..

Writing a resume is not easy, and writing one that reflects your Christian faith is even harder. Be sure that everything in your resume supports the fact that you are a Christian through your honesty, integrity, achievements, and references. This is the best way to let your faith be known to your potential employer without directly stating it on your resume. By practicing your faith everywhere, your resume will reflect your spiritual devotion.

Hospitalist Sample Resume

A hospitalist is perhaps one of the broadest medical jobs out there. A hospitalist can over see the ER patients as well as direct, manage and report a patient’s conditions to their primary care doctor. It is a lot of responsibility and it is more than being just a doctor. So your resume needs to be more than just an average physician resume.

Curriculum Vitae

For starters, you might not want to even do a resume but do a curriculum vitae instead. A CV might be better because it lists employment history, education, professional service and honors in a chronological order. A resume is usually designed to highlight your skills and experience. The biggest issue is a resume traditionally should not be more than a page long and if you are applying for a hospitalist position you will know that you can not fit all your qualifications on one page.

There is some debate if your hospitalist CV should include an objection or not. Some interviewers will want to see an objective while others would rather see it on your cover letter. As with a resume you want to list your experience in reverse chronological order. You might have some gaps in your experience due to being let go or taking time off to travel and do research and you should explain those gaps in your cover letter.

Another important aspect to include on your hospitalist CV is your licensure status and your board eligibility. This way they know your credentials. You want to make sure you are upfront about your needs and wants but if there are some things you are not willing to budge on say your work schedule, you might want to put that in the cover letter so that if it does not match with the hospital you do not waste their time or yours. Unlike traditional work places, hospitals may have policies that they will not bend, even for you.

Hospitalist recruiters also like to see your personal information. It is these recruiter’s jobs to see if you are going to match with the hospital and with the community so personal information is key. Most hospitalist jobs will require you to locate and the recruiters want to make sure you will be happy in your new environment. By knowing your hobbies and interests it will make it easier on them to see if you fit.

Lastly, stand out from other applications. Recruiters like to see people who have gone above and beyond responsibilities and brought a little extra value to where they previously worked.

A hospitalist is not a traditional job that you can land with just any old resume. A CV will help you get your experience and skills across much better than a resume.

Visual Merchandising Resume

Visual Merchandising Director Sample Resume Template

Trying to create a Visual Merchandising resume for yourself is not a good idea.

Although we provide many free sample resumes and templates, it is not easy to write objectively about yourself.

Take a minute to read about the benefits of our professional resume writing service.

We have custom written more than 2,000 resumes for professional and executive job candidates.

Your executive resume requires your full attention.

We provide a free online resume builder if you must attempt to write your own professional resume.

Visual Merchandising Sample Resume Template Example

Visual Merchandising Sample Resume Template Example

Military Resume Sample

Military Resume Sample

Create a good Military resume by using our free online resume builder.

The resume builder will walk you through the entire process step by step. Choose any format or style you want. Quickly make your Military resume stand tall.

If you would prefer to have your Military resume written for you by a professional certified resume writer, we are experts and provide a job interview guarantee.

Military Resume Sample

Military Resume Sample

Military Resume

Military Resume Sample Template Example

Military resumes are no different than any other job resume. You have skills, education and experience just like anyone else.

The sometimes tricky part in creating a good military resume is how you go about explaining your work experience and translating that for the non military reader.

Our resume writing service has written job winning military resumes for over 300 of our heroes.

When transitioning from the military to the civilian job market it is best to use a skills or functional resume format rather then a chronological resume format because the bulk of your employment is with one employer.

Military Sample Resume Template Example

Military Sample Resume Template Example

Quality Assurance Engineer Resume

Quality Assurance Engineer Sample Resume Template

Good employment resumes are easier to create when you take the time to review free sample resumes.
A QA resume example will help you determine which is the best resume format to use when making a professional resume.

Quality Assurance Engineer Sample Resume Example Template

Quality Assurance Engineer Sample Resume Example Template

Speech Pathologist Resume

Speech Pathologist Sample Resume Template

A good speech pathologist resume starts with the correct format.

Look at the example resumes on this website to get an idea on how best to highlight your work experience and skills.

Free sample resumes as well as a free online resume builder will help you create a professional speech pathologist resume.

Speech Pathologist Sample Resume Example Template

Speech Pathologist Sample Resume Example Template

Catering Director | Hospitality Resume

Catering Director | Hospitality Resume Example

Make a professional resume fast an easy using any of our three resume writing tools. We provide sample resumes, free online resume builder as well as professional resume writing service.
You can create a good catering resume by using our free online resume builder which will walk you through the resume writing process step by step.

You can create a good catering resume by using our free online resume builder which will walk you through the resume writing process step by step.

Catering Director | Hospitality Sample Resume Example

Catering Director | Hospitality Sample Resume Example

Senior Database Analyst | DBA Resume

Senior Database Analyst Sample Resume

By looking at a few professional resumes in our free sample resume collection you will be better prepared to make a job resume that will be compelling, persuasive and well designed.

Make your senior dba resume a winner by using the correct format and design.

Senior Database Analyst Sample Resume Template Example

Senior Database Analyst Sample Resume Template Example

Senior Auditor Resume

Senior Auditor Sample Resume Template

Writing a professional senior auditor resume should be done with a single goal in mind.

That is to get the job interview by crafting a compelling resume that speaks to why you are the perfect candidate for the senior auditor job.

Take the time to review as many of our free sample resumes as you can to get a good idea on how to make a resume.

Sample Senior Auditor Resume

Senior Auditor Sample Resume Template Example

Senior Auditor Sample Resume Template Example

Sales Engineer Resume

Sales Engineer Sample Resume

Writing a resume for a Sales Engineer position gets a lot easier if you have free sample resumes to look at.

Sales EngineerProfessional Resume

We provide a series of professional resumes that will make your resume writing project much easier.

Our free sample resumes have been written by professional certified resume writers who know how to write persuasive compelling resumes that get you interviewed and hired.

Sales Engineer Sample Resume | Template | Example

Sales Engineer Sample Resume | Template | Example

Take your time to look through our free resume sample website to get an idea of how to create a great resume. Pay attention to the design and format to insure your resume gets read.

Research Director Resume

Research Director Sample Resume

Make a Research Director resume by using our job specific free resume samples.

Use this template to make your resume professional and compelling. Your skills and professional background will highlight to the resume reader why you should be interviewed for the job.

Research Director Sample Resume | Template | Example

Research Director Sample Resume | Template | Example

Reporting Resume

Reporting Sample Resume

Using a free sample resume will help you make a compelling Reporting resume.

Make your resume standout by reviewing as many reporting resumes as you can.

One of the many keys to writing a successful resume is to choose the resume format that best suits your skills and experience.
The resume is a written tool that should be designed and used to get you the job interview.

Reporting Sample Resume | Example | Template

Reporting Sample Resume | Example | Template

Sample Resume for a Reporter

Reporter Sample Resume

Writing a resume for a reporter does not have to be a tough job.

Like any other writing assignment you need to be objective, thoughtful and grab the attention of the reader. Give the reader a reason to read your resume.

Reporter Resume Example

Reporter Sample Resume| Example | Template

Reporter Sample Resume| Example | Template

Use this Reporter resume template to craft your own professional resume.

QA Engineer Sample Resume

QA Engineer Sample Resume

QA Engineer Sample Resume

International Business Resume

International Business Sample Resume

International Business Sample Resume

International Business Sample Resume

Systems Analyst Resume

Systems Analyst Sample Resume

Systems Analyst Sample Resume

Systems Analyst Sample Resume

Photographer Resume

Photographer Resume Sample

Photographer Resume Sample

Photographer Resume Sample

Photographer Resume

Photographer Sample Resume

Photographer Sample Resume

Photographer Sample Resume

Business Development Resume

Business Development Sample Resume

Business Development Sample Resume

Business Development Sample Resume

Mechanical Engineer Resume

Mechanical Engineer Sample Resume

Mechanical Engineer Sample Resume

Mechanical Engineer Sample Resume

Marketing Coordinator Resume

Marketing Coordinator Sample Resume

Marketing Coordinator Sample Resume

Marketing Coordinator Sample Resume

Manufacturing Resume

Manufacturing Sample Resume

Manufacturing Sample Resume

Manufacturing Sample Resume

Management Resume

Management Sample Resume

Management Sample Resume

Management Sample Resume

IT Director Resume

IT Director Sample Resume

IT Director Sample Resume

IT Director Sample Resume

E-commerce Resume

E-commerce Sample Resume

E-commerce Sample Resume

E-commerce Sample Resume

Interior Design Resume

Interior Design Sample Resume

Interior Design Sample Resume

Interior Design Sample Resume

Hospitality Management Resume

Hospitality Management Sample Resume

Hospitality Management Sample Resume

Hospitality Management Sample Resume

Financial Services

Financial Services Sample Resume

Financial Services Sample Resume

Financial Services Sample Resume

Business Management Resume

Business Management Sample Resume

business management sample resume

business management sample resume

Office Management Resume

Office Management Sample Resume

office management sample resume

office management sample resume

Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant Sample Resume

financial consultant sample resume

financial consultant sample resume

Property Manager Resume

Property Manager | Facilities Manager Sample Resume

property manager sample resume

property manager sample resume


Telecommunications Sample Resume

telecommunications sample resume

telecommunications sample resume

Call Center Resume

Call Center Sample Resume

call center sample resume

call center sample resume

Business Development Resume

Business Development Sample Resume

business development sample resume

business development sample resume

Account Manager Resume

Account Manager Sample Resume

account manager sample resume

account manager sample resume

Job Resume

Sample Job Resume

You need a job, you need a resume, so you need a sample job resume. Without a resume you probably have no chance of getting the the job. When you use a sample job resume you greatly increase your chances of getting the job.

If you have never written a resume or haven’t written a job resume in a long time it would be a good idea to either look at a lot of sample job resumes, hire a professional job resume writer or purchase a package of sample job resumes that have been written by a professional resume writer.

The competition is fierce. There could be hundreds of people applying for the same job you are. Do you think the chances are good you will get the job by submitting a home baked job resume?

If your job resume is bad, the reader of the job resume thinks the same of you. You could be the best job candidate in the world but if your job resume is bad news the resume reader thinks you are bad news.

There are hundreds of free sample job resumes on this website but let me make a suggestion to you.

Give yourself a competitive edge by getting professional help creating a job resume. A professional writer can make a resume that will get you noticed, interviewed and hired.

Do you know how to write a resume? Of course you don’t and there is not enough time in the day for you to learn now.

Review the job resume writing options below:

Sample Job Resume Package you can copy and paste from

Sample Job Resume Builder : With a Money Back Guarantee

Job Resume Writing Service That Guarantees Interviews!

Sample Job Resume

Sample Job Resume

Sample Job Resume

Find the best sample job resume you can and make sure your job resume looks and reads the same. You deserve success and I hope we can help you find it.

Free Sample Resumes

Free Sample Resumes

Free sample resumes are a wonderful tool to help you prepare or make a resume. Free sample resumes will not teach you how to write a resume but they can sure provide you with a blueprint on what a professional resume should look like and read like.

This site is filled with free sample resumes for you to review and read. A free sample resume is the same as a free resume sample, a free resume example or free resume template. they are all great places to start but none of them will get you across the proverbial finish line.

Unless you can find a free sample resume that was written for a person that is the exact same as you, with the exact same work experience, job duties and educational background…you are out of luck. No two people are alike. We have all taken different paths and our resumes should never be the same.

If you are an accomplished writer who has the ability to be and write objectively then you might have a fighting chance by using free sample resumes.

If you are like 99% of the people you are not an accomplished writer, you have a hard time being objective about yourself and work experience and you have not written a resume in many years.

Truth be told you have probably NEVER written a compelling professional resume. Why in the world do you think you can write a compelling professional resume now?

If you had to bet $50,000 that your homemade resume was better than all of the other resumes submitted for a job opening, would you?

If you are being honest and objective with yourself you quickly answer “No way”.

Let me suggest you invest in yourself, your career, your future and your family.

Still don’t believe me?

Lets do some math.

If after investing in professional resume help you get hired two weeks sooner was it a good decision? You are on someones payroll two weeks sooner. If you earn $600 a week that means you have $1200 more by investing in professional resume help than if you wasted your time and effort with a homemade resume you created using free sample resumes.

Get Hired Faster Using Professional Resume Help and Advice

Free Sample Resumes

Free Sample Resumes

Free Sample Resumes

If you are not in the position to invest in yourself and still want to use free sample resumes please be sure the free sample resumes you are using have been written by a professional resume writing service that utilizes only certified resume writers.

Sample Curriculum Vitae

Sample CV Resume

Sample cv resumes are no different than a sample resume, sample job resume, sample resume letter or resume example.

All roads to lead to RESUME.

No matter what you call it a resume is a professional career document that is used by job seekers to generate interviews and eventually get hired for a job.

Your cv resume should be expertly written and give the cv reader a reason to quickly pick up the telephone and contact you to schedule a face to face interview.

If you think the purpose of a cv resume is anything other than to create interest and interviews you are all wrong.

Have you ever met anyone that was hired by simply submitting a cv resume? I think not. Most people are hired based on a series of interviews and the thorough vetting of their professional and educational backgrounds.

Let me clarify a bit more. You can certainly be eliminated from consideration for a job based on your cv resume but you will never be hired because of your cv resume by itself.

If you are bound and determined to make your own cv resume (not something I recommend) then be sure you are using a sample cv resume that has been written by a certified cv resume writer.

A professionally written cv resume will make your telephone ring. What are you waiting for?

Sample CV Resume

Sample CV Resume

Sample CV Resume

You can instantly download more than 150 sample cv resumes that you can edit now.

Sample Resume Layout

Resume Layout Example

Although it might seem that there are many different resume layouts there are only a few that are worthwhile.

The most popular resume layout is the Functional Resume. At the top of the resume there is often a Summary of a persons skills and experience followed by abbreviated job information that corresponds with a particular job or career function. This resume layout is often also called a Skills resume. People often use the term resume layout in the same manner they would use the term resume format.

Want the perfect Resume Layout? Hire a Professional Writer.

Resume Sample Layout

Sample Resume Layout

Sample Resume Layout

Good Resume

Good Sample Resume

A good sample resume would be a resume that has been written by a professional certified resume writer. You can search high and low to find many sample resumes but you are wasting your time and putting your job search in serious jeopardy if the good sample resume you decide to use has not been written by a professional resume writer.

If you had a broken leg would you go to your local gas station for advice and treatment?

It is important that your resume be professional and well written. You can actually make a good resume all by yourself by either using a resume builder or by using our sample resume writing package.

Of course the very best resume would be a resume custom written by a certified professional resume writer.

You can be sure that if you choose to make a resume all by yourself that you will not be alone. Many short sighted job seekers are perfectly happy presenting an amateur resume when applying for a job. You should also know that there will be a few of your competitors who will have invested in themselves and gotten help in creating their professional resume.

The resume below is a good sample resume. If you happen to be exactly like the person the resume was written for then you are good to go. If though your experience and background is not the same the only benefit you will receive from this good sample resume would be to see how the resume is formatted.

An Example of a Good Resume

Good Sample Resume : Good Resume Sample

Good Sample Resume : Good Resume Sample

The least you can do to ensure that you have a good resume would be to invest $20 in yourself and career and download our sample resume writing package that contains resume templates and 175 different sample resumes that you can edit. Each of the templates and sample resumes has been created by a professional certified resume writer.

Sample Resume Template

When tasked with creating a job resume it makes good sense to start the  resume process by looking at a few sample resume templates.

If you are lucky and you find a one page resume template like this one, then you can easily review and update the sample resume template for your job application.

Pay attention to how the resume template looks and the information is displayed.

Each sample resume template will serve a different purpose as there are no two sample resume templates that are alike.

Depending on your background, experience, education, interests and geographic location you could use any number of resume formats or styles.

Common Resume templates

Three Resume templates classes.
Functional resume template
Chronological resume template
Career change resume template
Skills based resume template

The purpose and goal of any resume is to motivate the reader of your resume to contact you and make arrangements to interview you. Nothing more and nothing less. If you are a proficient writer and can objectively write about your self than a sample resume template is a good choice.

If you are not an experienced writer then you should consider some type of resume writing help as we both know how important getting interviewed and hired is.

At the top of this sample resume site we provide a series of resume writing options that come with money back guarantees as well as interview guarantees.

Sample Resume Template

sample resume template : resume example

sample resume template : resume example

Executive Resume Sample

An executive resume sample should only have one purpose. The executive resume sample should and could be used to compare to you own custom professionally written resume.

Executive Resumes

If you are an executive you need a resume that is beyond excellent. If you try to put pen to paper all by yourself you are not actually an executive. You are probably a foolish executive wannabe.

Your career, cash flow and competition requires that you hire an executive level professional resume writer to customize and craft a compelling competition killing series of career documents.

For you an executive resume sample is a huge waste of time and better left for your lazy competitors.

Executive Resume Goals

At your executive level there are no second chances and no do overs. At the top of the corporate career pyramid the good positions are few and far between and we both know it.

Why go into battle with a water gun as your only weapon?

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not use an executive resume sample, go directly to our professional resume writing service and get yourself an Interview guarantee.

If you can not guarantee yourself an interview with your personally crafted resume then click here

Executive Resume Sample

Executive Resume Sample

Executive Resume Sample

Make the choice executives make. Do things properly and delegate your executive resume writing to professionals.

Sample Resume Writing

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Sample Resume Writing

Writing a professional resume requires a professional layout appropriate format, excellent grammar, spelling and the ability to accurately and objectively write about yourself.

Use the resume writing samples below to get an idea of what a good sample of resume writing looks like.

Sample resume writing for teaching
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for engineering
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for technology
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for human resources
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing formats
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for financial analyst
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for marketing
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for accountant
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for finance
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for executive
Sample Resume Writing

Resume Writing Samples

Resume writing samples can be very helpful if used properly and written by a professional resume writer.

On the other hand resume writing samples can be very harmful if you don’t do your homework and know where and what to look for.

Resume Writing Sample
Resume Writing Samples
Resume Writing Example
Resume Writing Examples
Professional Resume Writing Sample

These resume writing samples has each been custom written by a professional resume writer who knows what he is doing.

Rather then spend your time trolling the internet for resume writing samples let me make a few suggestions to you about resume writing and the purpose of resume writing.

A resume only has one purpose which is to make your telephone ring with people calling to interview you. if you think that resume writing has any other purpose besides creating interviews than I can not help you.

If you are serious about your career, your cash flow and your family I recommend you look at the following resume writing options and choose one.

Professional sample resume writing package you can easily edit

Resume Builder with a no bull money back guarantee

The Interview Magnet professional resume writing service

Professional Resumes

Professional Resume Samples

Professional resume samples are vital in preparing a homespun resume. If you have to make a resume all by your lonesome you should be looking at and reviewing professional resume samples that have been written by a professional resume writer.

Just because it is called a professional resume does not mean that you have to be a professional level job seeker to utilize a professional resume. Just like the saying that you can never be over dressed the same holds true for resumes. Your resume can never ever look too good or read too well.

A resume written by a professional resume writer always looks and reads like a professional resume should. A resume written by a job seeker can sometimes look like a professional resume but it rarely if ever reads like a professional resume.

It is not easy for a job seeker to write objectively about themselves and it is not easy for a job seeker to be up to date on the latest and greatest professional resume writing techniques, guidelines and formats.

Download Sample Resume Package

If you must write your own resume for monetary reasons I suggest the least you do is invest $20 and download or professional sample resume package that allows you to edit any one of over 175 professional resumes.

If you want your resume to look like the one below then download our sample resume package now.

Professional Resume Samples

professional resume samples : professional resume example

professional resume samples : professional resume example

Functional Resume

Sample Functional Resume

When trying to determine which resume format will best support your goal of being interviewed and hired it makes sense to look at and review a sample functional resume.

A sample functional resume will help you to determine if your employment goals are best supported and displayed by highlighting your skills and job responsibilities rather then your job titles and work industries.

With a sample functional resume you can see how other like job seekers and resume writers have used the functional resume format to highlight their strengths and disguise their weaknesses.

Let a Professional Resume Writer help you choose the correct resume format.

Example of Functional Resume

Sample Functional Resume Format

Sample Functional Resume Format


Sample Functional Resumes

Looking for sample functional resumes? You are in the right place. Our sample resume website has been created by a team of certified professional resume writers who know a thing or two about resumes, resume styles, resume formats and and of course functional resumes.

Do you know which resume format you need to use? When you make a resume you need to understand the purpose of the resume and the best method or format to display your information. By not using the right resume format you could be selling yourself short.

Functional resumes are all about telling the reader about what you do well rather then about who and where you have worked.

Often times the functional resume will be about telling the reader “You should hire me and here are the reasons why.”

At the top of a functional resume you can use a summary area and follow it with a skills or accomplishments area.

Do not, I repeat do not have an Objective statement at the top of your resume or even at the bottom of your functional resume. The sad truth is that the reader of your resume has little interest in what your “objective” is. The reader of your resume is primarily concerned about their own or the companies objective. This is not little league so please do not confuse things by thinking the reader is at this point concerned about you.

Stay focused on the singular purpose of a resume: To Get Interviews.

Sample Functional Resumes

sample functional resumes

sample functional resumes

Professional Resumes

Professional Resume Sample

A professional resume sample is a great place to start when you need to write a resume.

Although it is called a professional resume it does not mean it is only for individuals who have or aspire to have a professional job or career.

A professional resume sample will show you exactly how your finished resume should look. It will show you how to format your resume and highlight your experience, education and skills. Your professional resume could be a functional resume, chronological resume or a skills based resume. The look and feel of the resumes is often the same. The difference is in how the information is displayed and in what order.

When writing a professional resume you must keep your reader and the goals of the document in mind. When the goal of a professional resume is to make your telephone ring you need to convey to the reader how it is you can help them achieve their goals….not yours.

Truth be told most readers of your resume couldn’t care less what your goals are. The only reason they are hiring for a particular position is they have a problem to be solved or a function that is not being executed properly. With your professional resume you need to send the message to the reader that you can solve their problem. If you cannot solve their problem then you are wasting your time.

Get a Professional Resume That Positions You Properly

Professional Resume Sample

Professional Resume Sample

Professional Resume sample

Finance Resume

Sample Finance Resume

If you have been searching the Internet looking for a sample finance resume you have come to the right place. This sample resume web site not only has a sample finance resume it also has finance resume samples and finance resume templates and formats.

I would guess all that information will make you smile and lull you into thinking your finance resume writing project is almost complete and your telephone will soon be ringing off the hook with hiring managers and hr people fighting with one another to interview you.

Sadly that is far from the truth. The finest sample finance resume in the world is not going to help you craft a compelling, professional interview attracting resume.

If you want to be hired fast you need an Interview Magnet.

Interview Magnets are the work product of a select few professional resume writers who have been industry certified and make a healthy living creating customized finance career documents day in and day out. The best of the best.

We are so confident that our finance resume writing is the best we provide an INTERVIEW GUARANTEE.

If you would like to invest in yourself and get interviewed and hired faster Click Here

Finance Resume Example

sample finance resume : finance resume example

sample finance resume : finance resume example

We custom write finance resumes that compel and require interviews!

Accountant Resumes

Accountant Sample Resume

Writing an accountant resume is a daunting task. You can look high and low for an accountant sample resume but the only accountant resume worth a hill of beans will be found on this sample resume site.

or the web site of a professional certified resume writer or a resume writing service that employs certified resume writers who have plenty of experience creating interview winning accountant resumes.

Homemade accounting resumes and interview winning accountant resumes do not belong in the same sentence.

You have studied accounting for years, you have crunched numbers for years and you may have structured many successful businesses, transactions and deals. How many interview winning accountant resumes have you written?

Proffessional Accountant Resume

If you are like most successful professional accountants you leave the resume writing to the professionals.

If you think you are an excellent writer and can be persuasive as well as objective when writing about yourself I applaud you. Chances are good that you will not be interviewing anytime soon so you will have plenty of time to continue polishing your writing skills.

If on the other hand you understand the time value of money and you realize that getting interviewed and hired just a few days earlier will have a positive financial impact you move to the front of the class.

Have Your Accountant Resume Written by a Resume Writing Service that Guarantees you get Interviewed.

Accountant Sample Resume

accountant sample resume : accounting resume sample

accountant sample resume : accounting resume sample


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Sample Resume Internship

Writing an internship is a tall order. You have to make a resume and you have little to write about. You want and need the internship so some day you have some experience that you can put on your resume that you submit for en entry level job that often requires and prefers some relevant experience.

See what I mean? Not a walk in the park.

To make matters worse you probably have a ton of competition for the few select internships available. This is getting tougher isn’t it?

There is a silver lining if you think about it and look hard enough. How many of your competitors do you think were lucky or savvy enough to find this sample resume website and have the benefit of my EXPERT resume advice?

I am guessing that most of your internship competition have trolled the internet looking for help with the resume writing process and are probably pretty lazy. they probably downloaded the first half way decent resume template they found and started typing. They are probably typing themselves out of the internship as you are reading this. That my friend is good news.

If you take the time and use the right tools you will have the best looking and most compelling resume in the pile. Of course a few solid recommendations from your professors would not hurt either.

Here is what you need to do. Click on the banner below, pay the $40, download the resume builder, follow the step my step instructions, crank out a kick butt resume and get that Internship. If you don’t get the internship you get your money back no questions asked.

Now aren’t you glad you found our sample resume website when you were looking for an internship resume?

How To Get an Internship GUARANTEED!

How To Get an Internship GUARANTEED!


Sample Manager Resume

Managers are leaders and managers of people, processes and services.

Throughout our sample resume website you will see excellent sample manager resumes. Which sample manager resume should you choose to look at?

Find a sample manager resume that closely matches your background and industry. That will not be an easy task as there are no two individuals who have the same experience and education.

More often than not a managers resume would use the chronological resume format that would allow a track record of management successes to be the focal point of the resume.

Who have you managed, what have you managed and what is the benefit to an employer to hirer you as a manager?

Do not leave it to the resume reader to guess why they should hire you as a manager.

Sample Manager Resume

Sample Manager Resume : Manager Resume Sample

Sample Manager Resume : Manager Resume Sample

Use our Resume Builder to quickly and easily build your managers resume. Our resume builder comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

Resume Builder : Resume Maker : Resume Writing Software

Resume Builder : Resume Maker : Resume Writing Software