Graphic Design Resume

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Writing a Graphics Design Resume

A graphic designer should have two resumes. One graphic design resume should be serious and in only black and white. The other should be colorful, graphic and creative. The second one should be used to portray the skills you have directly on the paper in more than just words.

Graphics Design Resume Requirements

There are five things you should know while creating your resume. The first is write a simple black and white one for agencies and for quick gigs. The second is use graphics to highlight skills in your designer resume. The third is including samples of your work is extremely important . The forth is to keep your resume simple but still informative. The fifth is make sure that grammar and spelling is correct.
Writing two graphic design resumes is very important. Sometimes a business doesn’t want to see your colorful, eye catching resume. Instead, they want one they can place in a stack of other resumes that doesn’t look out of place. Using graphics to highlight your skills is extremely important when making a colorful resume. You need to do things such as make your skills the main focus, create a special ‘about me’ area or create a graphical resume that is completely unique in style and structure.

Include Samples of your Creative Work

Including samples of your work is how you prove you know what you are doing. It’s important to be honest and only include samples of work you have actually done. If you didn’t make it , don’t include it. A good rule of thumb is to include 3 to 5 relevant examples of your work.
Your resume must still be simple while giving the reader all the information they need. This means you can’t skip areas that people expect to be on a resume like experience, education and skills.

Check for Errors

Correct grammar and spelling on your resume can make a difference between getting the job or not. Make sure you proof read your work or, even better, have someone else, that you trust, proof read it for you. You want to present yourself in the best way possible.

Executive Resume Writing

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You have gotten to the point where you are an executive and now you need a resume to match the new title you hold. Of course writing an executive resume isn’t as easy as it should be. In fact, writing an executive resume is a huge challenge and must be taken seriously.

<h2>Executive Resume Writing Tips</h2>

Here are some tips that will allow you to make an executive resume for yourself that will lead you to the well paying job you want and deserve.

First format is very important. The thing about format is it can’t just be how you structure your resume but it also has to be the paper you use and the other elements of that paper. You want to have a resume that looks great on paper. But it should also be easy to copy and paste and still look great within an online application.

Second you no longer need an objective instead you need to use a summary. It has to be well written too. Your summary is normally the first thing to be read by the hiring manager. You want your summary to basically introduce yourself to them and invite them to read the whole resume afterwards.

Third is you need to place your experience into context. While your resume will still be around 2 pages long, it doesn’t need to be any more longer than that. When you place your experience onto your resume, be sure to include a short summary of the company to let the reader know what the company does. The key factor is to keep things short and sweet. You don’t have to be extremely detailed with each company description. However, you should mention these two important elements ; where you worked and what you did and if needed how you did it.

The forth and last tip is to avoid having super long education/ training sections. As an executive it’s implied that you will have a ton of experience. You don’t need to mention the classic skills, instead focus on the specialty skills that matter the most for the job you are applying for.

Resume Sample

There are literally millions of resume samples on the internet. Anyone who needs help writing their resume can easily find it on the net, but falling into the “resume sample trap” is easy to do with so many resume samples available.

What many people do, and is exactly what you shouldn’t do, is copy a resume sample right off the internet. Even though the format of successful resumes are similar, using a resume sample you found online and only changing a few words is not a good idea.

Using a copied resume is obvious to most employers and even if the resume sample you found is a good one, your resume will still suffer from the lack of originality. Using a resume sample is okay, you just have to know how to use a resume sample effectively and make it your own.

Resume Sample Format

Decide which format of resume is right for you and then look at a lot of different resumes in that form. Decide which features you like best from each resume sample and incorporate them into your resume. Pick the resumes that really stand out to you. Look for resume samples that are interesting, easy to read, and compel you to read more. Even if you find one resume sample that is great, look for more. The more resume samples you look at the more great ideas you have.

After you pick a few resume samples that seem good to you, pick the best features from each resume sample. Take those features and use them in your resume. If you like a particular resume sample because of the language it uses, don’t copy it directly. Employers see hundreds of resumes and great wording from resume samples online appears more than you would think. Instead, identify what makes the resume sample interesting and find your own way to word it.

Customize Resume Sample

Resume samples can be a big help or a big letdown. Remember never to copy a resume sample exactly, rather find the best qualities of many resumes and mix them together. You should look at a variety of formats and styles to find one that suits your needs. Above all, never use wording exactly as it appears on a sample resume, rather find your own way to get the same message across. Resume samples are a great way to get a idea of what your resume should be like, just remember to always make your resume unique.

Christian Resume Samples

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What a Christian Should Include in their Resume

Some Christians wonder whether or not to include their faith in their resume.

Certainly job experience and other job related skills obtained from your church should be included on your resume, but there are other, more important and subtle ways your faith should be included in your resume. Unless you are seeking a ministry related job or other job in the church, a direct declaration of your faith on your resume is not always the best idea. Instead include our faith in your resume in other ways that are sure to illustrate your Christian faith.

One way your Christian faith should show on your resume is through your honesty. Honesty is an important part of the Christian faith and is also an important part of a resume. Let your faith show in your resume through your honesty by not embellishing your resume with untrue or misleading statements. Only include skills and abilities you possess on your resume. More and more companies use background checks and your honesty will pay off in the long run.

Another way your faith can be included in your resume is through your references. If you are true to your Christian faith your references will have good things to day about you and how much you value your community and working as a team. Your references should not say you that you didn’t try your best, gossiped or engaged in any other negative activity at your last job. Your references are a great way to show your Christian faith on your resume.

The achievements on your resume will also tell employers about your Christian faith. If your heart was not in your job, your faith will not shine through on your resume. If your heart was not in your community and your other involvements, it will not shine through on your resume. Be sure to include achievements that you can be proud of on your resume as they will demonstrate your Christian faith in how hard you worked to achieve your goals..

Writing a resume is not easy, and writing one that reflects your Christian faith is even harder. Be sure that everything in your resume supports the fact that you are a Christian through your honesty, integrity, achievements, and references. This is the best way to let your faith be known to your potential employer without directly stating it on your resume. By practicing your faith everywhere, your resume will reflect your spiritual devotion.

Military Resume Sample

Military Resume Sample

Create a good Military resume by using our free online resume builder.

The resume builder will walk you through the entire process step by step. Choose any format or style you want. Quickly make your Military resume stand tall.

If you would prefer to have your Military resume written for you by a professional certified resume writer, we are experts and provide a job interview guarantee.

Military Resume Sample

Military Resume Sample

Military Resume

Military Resume Sample Template Example

Military resumes are no different than any other job resume. You have skills, education and experience just like anyone else.

The sometimes tricky part in creating a good military resume is how you go about explaining your work experience and translating that for the non military reader.

Our resume writing service has written job winning military resumes for over 300 of our heroes.

When transitioning from the military to the civilian job market it is best to use a skills or functional resume format rather then a chronological resume format because the bulk of your employment is with one employer.

Military Sample Resume Template Example

Military Sample Resume Template Example

Senior Auditor Resume

Senior Auditor Sample Resume Template

Writing a professional senior auditor resume should be done with a single goal in mind.

That is to get the job interview by crafting a compelling resume that speaks to why you are the perfect candidate for the senior auditor job.

Take the time to review as many of our free sample resumes as you can to get a good idea on how to make a resume.

Sample Senior Auditor Resume

Senior Auditor Sample Resume Template Example

Senior Auditor Sample Resume Template Example

Sample Resume for a Reporter

Reporter Sample Resume

Writing a resume for a reporter does not have to be a tough job.

Like any other writing assignment you need to be objective, thoughtful and grab the attention of the reader. Give the reader a reason to read your resume.

Reporter Resume Example

Reporter Sample Resume| Example | Template

Reporter Sample Resume| Example | Template

Use this Reporter resume template to craft your own professional resume.

IT Director Resume

IT Director Sample Resume

IT Director Sample Resume

IT Director Sample Resume

Interior Design Resume

Interior Design Sample Resume

Interior Design Sample Resume

Interior Design Sample Resume

Sample Resumes

Sample Resumes

When you need to write a resume or make a resume, finding a good professional sample resume is an excellent place to start. A sample resume will not tell you or show you how to write a resume but it will show you what a good resume looks like.

Samples of Resumes

In that each and every individual is different, there are no two resumes that are alike or should be alike. You are unique, your work experience is unique, your education background is unique and the industry and location of your work…is unique.

A sample resume is a great start but can only get you half way home. A sample resume will only show you what a good resume layout looks like.

The problem with 99% of all sample resumes is that they don’t write the words for you.

If you have a resume that looks good but reads poorly what do you think will happen? If you have a resume that looks awful but reads well what do you think will happen? If your resume doesn’t look good and read well you are wasting your time.

Lucky for you, you have found the one source where you can find a sample resume that looks good and reads well.

If you want a resume that will get you noticed, interviewed and hired you have two choices.

You can purchase the best and most popular sample resume package on the Internet

You can have your resume and cover letter custom written by a certified professional resume writer.

Sample Resume

Sample Resumes

Sample Resumes

Free Sample Resumes

Free Sample Resumes

Free sample resumes are a wonderful tool to help you prepare or make a resume. Free sample resumes will not teach you how to write a resume but they can sure provide you with a blueprint on what a professional resume should look like and read like.

This site is filled with free sample resumes for you to review and read. A free sample resume is the same as a free resume sample, a free resume example or free resume template. they are all great places to start but none of them will get you across the proverbial finish line.

Unless you can find a free sample resume that was written for a person that is the exact same as you, with the exact same work experience, job duties and educational background…you are out of luck. No two people are alike. We have all taken different paths and our resumes should never be the same.

If you are an accomplished writer who has the ability to be and write objectively then you might have a fighting chance by using free sample resumes.

If you are like 99% of the people you are not an accomplished writer, you have a hard time being objective about yourself and work experience and you have not written a resume in many years.

Truth be told you have probably NEVER written a compelling professional resume. Why in the world do you think you can write a compelling professional resume now?

If you had to bet $50,000 that your homemade resume was better than all of the other resumes submitted for a job opening, would you?

If you are being honest and objective with yourself you quickly answer “No way”.

Let me suggest you invest in yourself, your career, your future and your family.

Still don’t believe me?

Lets do some math.

If after investing in professional resume help you get hired two weeks sooner was it a good decision? You are on someones payroll two weeks sooner. If you earn $600 a week that means you have $1200 more by investing in professional resume help than if you wasted your time and effort with a homemade resume you created using free sample resumes.

Get Hired Faster Using Professional Resume Help and Advice

Free Sample Resumes

Free Sample Resumes

Free Sample Resumes

If you are not in the position to invest in yourself and still want to use free sample resumes please be sure the free sample resumes you are using have been written by a professional resume writing service that utilizes only certified resume writers.

Sample Experience Resume

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Experience Sample Resume

A sample experience resume is either a Functional resume or a Skills based resume.

With an experience resume you structure the resume so it highlights your experience as it relates to the position you are applying for. You can do this by either creating a list of your previous job titles that qualify you for the job or your education and skills that will qualify you for the job.

Let the reader know at the very top of your resume what makes you uniquely qualified for the job. Do not make the reader search for the information. With an experience resume you need to make it easy for the reader to see that you have the background or skill set needed for the position.

By highlighting your experience and skills at the top of the experience resume you are making it easier for the reader to help you…get Interviewed.

Your Experience is Unique and needs to be portrayed in the best light. Don’t leave it to chance, give yourself every advantage by hiring a professional resume writer.

Sample Experience Resume

Sample Experience Resume

Sample Experience Resume

Resume References

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Sample Resume References

Do not put references on your resume. If an employer wants and needs references they will ask for them at the appropriate time.

Sample resume references are not a good idea. Your resume could end up anywhere and be accessed by anyone. Do you know what happens to your resume at each of the online resume job sites? What happens to your resume when you respond directly to a job at a company?

References on your resume is just way too much information. I do not think that your references want to be contacted by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Resumes and references work together but you don’t put the references on your resume. When you are using a sample resume to help you make a resume you should at the same time begin to compile and create a list of professional and personal references that an employer or recruiter might ask for as you begin the interview process.

Many people create a reference sheet or reference letter ahead of time so that when they are asked for references they are prepared and professional.

Job References

There is a professional protocol that should be followed when providing a list of references to a potential employer. Let me make a few suggestions.

Contact all potential references and ask their permission to be used as a reference.
If the individual agrees to be a reference for you ask them how they would like to be contacted by a potential employer or recruiter you are working with.
Each time you provide your references to an employer or recruiter you contact each reference and alert them so they can be prepared and expect contact.
After you have completed the resume, application, interview process please remember to contact each reference and thank them for their help and assistance.

Choose Your References Wisely

The references you provide an employer or recruiter are an extension of you and represent you. If a potential reference is not reliable or professional it might be a good idea to find a different reference.

Checking references is a funny thing. The employer and recruiter in most cases expect you to provide references that will give you glowing and positive recommendations. If a reference gives you anything but a positive…you are the best in the world reference….you are in trouble.

The most professional and aggressive employers and recruiters will not only check the references you provide them but they will also do some reference checking on their own. Calling past employers and coworkers at the very least. If in your opinion there are people out there that will not or would not give you a positive reference you need to be prepared to explain why they wouldn’t.

You can be the perfect candidate for a job, have a great professional resume, have a series of great interviews but if your references shoot you down… will no longer be the front runner for the job. Be proactive and prepared to explain any and all situations, issues or comment. If there is a potential issue it is often good policy to disclose it up front so your view, voice or opinion can be heard and reviewed.

Professional Resume Writer Guarantees You get Interviewed

Sample Resume Example

Example Resumes

Looking for a sample resume example? You are in the right place. It is my guess you are looking for sample resume examples for the wrong reason but just the same you are in the right place.

If you were planning to serve dinner to some friends would you go to the local grocery story and gather as many free samples as you could and try to throw them together to create a great meal? If your guests are friends I don’t think you would. I am all for some time and money saving short cuts but how far is too far?

Resume Samples

You can search high and low for a sample resume example but it won’t do you much good unless you can find a sample resume example that was written by a professional resume writer for an individual with the same background, job experience and education that you have.

What are the chances of that? Pretty slim if you ask me and I have been reading resumes for most of my adult life.

Let me suggest to you that you invest in yourself, family and career. Give yourself every advantage you can. The job market is competitive enough without you shooting yourself in the foot. Chances are you are not the only person applying for a particular job opening. More likely there could be 40-50-80-100-200 other job seekers applying for the same job.

Are you willing to bet that your sample resume example homespun resume is compelling enough to have the resume reader immediately pick up the telephone and call you to schedule an interview? If you do you are sadly mistaken and will continue to remain a member of the unemployed job seekers club or the under employed job seekers club.

Wouldn’t you rather quickly become a member of the I have a Job, a paycheck and a future club?

You are certainly able to use all of the sample resume examples available on this website and many others but I would strongly suggest you leave the baking to the professional bakers.

Get a Professional Resume That comes with an Interview Guarantee!

Sample Resume Example

Sample Resume Example

Sample Resume Example

If you understand what I am explaining to you about resume writing and sample resume examples but are tight on cash you can try our resume builder that comes with a money back guarantee.

Professional Resume Builder


Sample Functional Resumes

Looking for sample functional resumes? You are in the right place. Our sample resume website has been created by a team of certified professional resume writers who know a thing or two about resumes, resume styles, resume formats and and of course functional resumes.

Do you know which resume format you need to use? When you make a resume you need to understand the purpose of the resume and the best method or format to display your information. By not using the right resume format you could be selling yourself short.

Functional resumes are all about telling the reader about what you do well rather then about who and where you have worked.

Often times the functional resume will be about telling the reader “You should hire me and here are the reasons why.”

At the top of a functional resume you can use a summary area and follow it with a skills or accomplishments area.

Do not, I repeat do not have an Objective statement at the top of your resume or even at the bottom of your functional resume. The sad truth is that the reader of your resume has little interest in what your “objective” is. The reader of your resume is primarily concerned about their own or the companies objective. This is not little league so please do not confuse things by thinking the reader is at this point concerned about you.

Stay focused on the singular purpose of a resume: To Get Interviews.

Sample Functional Resumes

sample functional resumes

sample functional resumes

Executive Resume Sample

An executive resume sample should only have one purpose. The executive resume sample should and could be used to compare to you own custom professionally written resume.

Executive Resumes

If you are an executive you need a resume that is beyond excellent. If you try to put pen to paper all by yourself you are not actually an executive. You are probably a foolish executive wannabe.

Your career, cash flow and competition requires that you hire an executive level professional resume writer to customize and craft a compelling competition killing series of career documents.

For you an executive resume sample is a huge waste of time and better left for your lazy competitors.

Executive Resume Goals

At your executive level there are no second chances and no do overs. At the top of the corporate career pyramid the good positions are few and far between and we both know it.

Why go into battle with a water gun as your only weapon?

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not use an executive resume sample, go directly to our professional resume writing service and get yourself an Interview guarantee.

If you can not guarantee yourself an interview with your personally crafted resume then click here

Executive Resume Sample

Executive Resume Sample

Executive Resume Sample

Make the choice executives make. Do things properly and delegate your executive resume writing to professionals.

Sample Resume Writing

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Sample Resume Writing

Writing a professional resume requires a professional layout appropriate format, excellent grammar, spelling and the ability to accurately and objectively write about yourself.

Use the resume writing samples below to get an idea of what a good sample of resume writing looks like.

Sample resume writing for teaching
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for engineering
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for technology
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for human resources
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing formats
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for financial analyst
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for marketing
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for accountant
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for finance
Sample Resume Writing

Sample resume writing for executive
Sample Resume Writing

Sample Resume Template

When tasked with creating a job resume it makes good sense to start the  resume process by looking at a few sample resume templates.

If you are lucky and you find a one page resume template like this one, then you can easily review and update the sample resume template for your job application.

Pay attention to how the resume template looks and the information is displayed.

Each sample resume template will serve a different purpose as there are no two sample resume templates that are alike.

Depending on your background, experience, education, interests and geographic location you could use any number of resume formats or styles.

Common Resume templates

Three Resume templates classes.
Functional resume template
Chronological resume template
Career change resume template
Skills based resume template

The purpose and goal of any resume is to motivate the reader of your resume to contact you and make arrangements to interview you. Nothing more and nothing less. If you are a proficient writer and can objectively write about your self than a sample resume template is a good choice.

If you are not an experienced writer then you should consider some type of resume writing help as we both know how important getting interviewed and hired is.

At the top of this sample resume site we provide a series of resume writing options that come with money back guarantees as well as interview guarantees.

Sample Resume Template

sample resume template : resume example

sample resume template : resume example

Professional Resumes

Professional Resume Sample

A professional resume sample is a great place to start when you need to write a resume.

Although it is called a professional resume it does not mean it is only for individuals who have or aspire to have a professional job or career.

A professional resume sample will show you exactly how your finished resume should look. It will show you how to format your resume and highlight your experience, education and skills. Your professional resume could be a functional resume, chronological resume or a skills based resume. The look and feel of the resumes is often the same. The difference is in how the information is displayed and in what order.

When writing a professional resume you must keep your reader and the goals of the document in mind. When the goal of a professional resume is to make your telephone ring you need to convey to the reader how it is you can help them achieve their goals….not yours.

Truth be told most readers of your resume couldn’t care less what your goals are. The only reason they are hiring for a particular position is they have a problem to be solved or a function that is not being executed properly. With your professional resume you need to send the message to the reader that you can solve their problem. If you cannot solve their problem then you are wasting your time.

Get a Professional Resume That Positions You Properly

Professional Resume Sample

Professional Resume Sample

Professional Resume sample

Marketing Resume

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Sample Marketing Resume

One would think that a marketing professional would understand the purpose of a sample marketing resume and have the ability to write a great resume using a sample marketing resume.

The purpose of a marketing resume is the same as any other resume. It is designed to market an individual as a good candidate for the job or marketing position they are applying for.

A sample marketing resume will help you learn how to highlight your marketing successes and in which marketing roles you have worked.

Most importantly a good marketing resume will position you properly in the eyes of the employer and motivate them to contact you to schedule a face to face interview where you will continue the self marketing process by selling yourself.

Use your marketing resume as an appetizer for the main course which is the all important interview. Be sure convey to the resume reader why you have been successful and why you are the best marketing candidate for the job.

Sample Marketing Resume

Sample Marketing Resume : Marketing Resume Sample

Sample Marketing Resume : Marketing Resume Sample

A quick and easy way to write your marketing resume would be to use our resume builder which comes with a money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied.