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Stock Broker Sample Resume

Stock Broker Resume

Charles Wilson 2019 Northwest Emma Way Hillsboro, Oregano

Contact Number: 555-347-8735
E-mail Address:
Sex: Male Marital Status: Married Date of Birth: 24th July 1976 Nationality: American
Hobbies: Baking, Reading, Tennis, Writing and Traveling Preferred place: Anywhere in Oregano

Stock Broker Career Objectives: Seeking a challenging position as a forex broker in an organization.

Key skills:
Excellent customer service skills.
Advanced numerical risk calculation and ability to pay attention to advanced details
Skilled at providing advance charts and reports based on findings.
Wide and proper knowledge to financial current events and the urge to learn more and more.

Uses a number of unique and well known strategies to increase the profits earned while trading.
Ability to multitask and stick to plans at all times.
Specks French and Spanish which allows global investing possible.

Educational Qualification
Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, 2008 – Oregano University
A year diploma course in Forex Trading

Work Experience

February2008- August 2011 : Forex Broker AMFX Group of Company Pvt. Ltd
 Worked as a mediator between a foreign currency buyer and a seller and provided them with records to showcase the current and past market trends.
 Was involved in the recruitment department and taught new recruits how to do their jobs.
 Asked to answer questions and queries related to market information as well as rules and regulations that apply to investing in the forex market.

Won the best employee award of AMFX Group of Company Pvt. Ltd


Jacob Wills Designation: Forex Broker Organization: AMFX Group of Company Pvt. Ltd
Contact Number: 555-2039-2645m E-mail Address:

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