Accounting Resume

Accounting Resume

The first step to building a great accounting resume is to decide what kind of account job are you searching for. Are you hoping to get a full time accounting job at a firm? Or are you hoping to be a freelance accountant for different kinds of companies and people? Each kind of job has a unique kind of resume.

If you are looking to get a full time accounting job then the two most important things that need to be on your resume are your skills and your work history. When you hope to work on your own your most important element is your skills. Your work history as a freelance accountant might be ignored.

When you focus on the skills you have as an accountant you can also state the types of things you have done for previous clients. This means maybe you did some taxes for a certain client. Or maybe you help another client with a scary audit.

You can also list the type of companies you have helped before. If you have done any kind of accounting for a non profit company, that is worth stating in your skills as well as your work history.

Accounting Resume Skills

The skills area of your resume should focus on what you have done in the past and also what you like doing. Maybe you enjoy working with finance and would like to help investors manage their earnings and their spending. It would be a great idea to add that to your skills area.

Creating an accounting resume might sound hard at first but if you focus on these two important elements it will only take you a few minutes to have a truly amazing resume that you can be proud of.

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