Consultant Resume

Consultant Resume Sample

John Smith Phoenix, AZ (111-6236232)

Objective: To find a consulting job where my advance skills can be used and where I can take a high level of responsibilities.

Typing speed: 70 words per minute (wpm)
Advanced Vocabulary, grammar and spelling.

Highly advance organizational skills
Advance employee management skills
Knowledge of PowerPoint, Excel, Word and similar applications as well.
Polite and kind work personality.

Advanced math skills and analyzing of important data that is used to better the company.
Advanced ability to prepare and provide reports to other employees and supervisors.
Customer service skills that involve dealing with upset customers.


2010 – Present – Senior Consultant within Resource Fun Technologies in Michigan
2007 – 2010 Junior Consultant and Researcher Germatec Technologies, Michigan
2003-2007 Service Executive Koratin Resources, Michigan


Yankovich Business School, Michigan Bachelor of Commerce
Certificate course in Client Servicing and Consultancy Services

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