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Teacher Resume Writing


You’ve done all that is necessary to get started with your teaching career. You’ve gotten your degree and your certifications or licenses, (depending on your state), and you feel like you’re ready to get things going.

There is only one thing left to do, and that involves creating a teacher resume. What is a teacher resume? It is simply a document that lets a principal know how you are qualified to be a teacher. This article will discuss what you need to do to create an effective teacher resume.

According to, a basic teacher resume contains the following elements: contact information, certifications, academic history and previous teaching experience. The site adds that a teacher resume can optionally have: work history that directly or indirectly relates to teaching, academic honors, specialized skills and a list of any professional memberships you might belong to. In terms of the order of these elements, all teacher resumes should show the contact information first. After this it will depend on your teaching experience. If you have direct teaching experience list this first on your teacher resume. Follow this with your certifications, your academic record and finally any other elements listed here that you think are of importance. On the other hand, if you do not have direct teaching experience, your teacher resume needs to place more emphasis on your certifications, academics and skills. List any work history last, since it doesn’t directly relate to the job anyway.

To create your teacher resume, you can use Microsoft Word or any other word processor that allows you to important resume templates. Alternatively, you could use a resume builder. These are software programs that create teacher resumes by asking you questions related to what would be put on the teacher resume. Of course if neither of these options appeal to you for creating your teacher resume, you can use a resume writing service. The best one to use for creating a teacher resume is the site The pricing is expensive, but you won’t have to worry about if your teacher resume is written properly.

In conclusion, creating a teacher resume is really no different than creating a resume for any other type of career. Granted, the principal of the school you’re applying to will pay special attention to your certifications, academic history and teaching experience, but this is to be expected. When looking at a teacher resume, principals want to see that their applicant not only is skilled but also legally qualified to be a teacher. Take care of both of these concerns by making sure all of your certification information is accurate and that the elements listed in the teaching experience section of your resume contains plenty of simple yet descriptive terms. And of course, if you feel that you just don’t have the time, talent or patience to create a teacher resume yourself, don’t be afraid to use a resume writing service such as to write your teacher resume for you. Indeed, there is definitely no shame in using a resume writing service for your teacher resume, especially if they can help you get the job.

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