Nursing Student Resume

Guide to Writing a Student Nursing Resume

Nursing students require resumes to get internships and also to get entry level jobs within the nursing field. This can be a challenge because as a student you only have so much experience to list. It’s okay though, you can still make an amazing resume worthy of showing to everyone.

First you need to start with a summary of your skills. When describing your nursing experience, write about the type of facility you’ve been training in or the type of place you hope to work in such as acute care, outpatient department, or rehabilitation.
As a student most of your work is currently training, you need to showcase your experience by outlining your job functions and how well you did them. It’s important to note throughout your resume that you are able to learn quickly.

On your nursing student resume, utilize the ‘skills’ segment to present your skill set. If you hope to get into a specific type of nursing job, you want to showcase those specific skills throughout your resume. They should be easy to see and read.
As a nursing student, it is a must that you give a resume that obviously characterizes the sort of individual you are, your abilities and experience. Your personality and you professional goals should shine on paper so that is leads you to your interview faster than ever.
Here are some key elements to add to your resume to help you stand out.
Use your summary to showcase your goals. It shouldn’t be too long. It must also be professional and promote people to read.
Instead of experience, use an expertise section to showcase the skills you’ve mastered as a student.
Notes about you honors and awards are important as a student. If you’ve gotten awards in your field mention it.

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