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A sample resume is the key to writing a good resume. This Sample Resume website was created by professional certified resume writers and is one of the Internet's leading sample resume writing resources. With our Sample Resume Writing package, simply copy and paste and within minutes you'll have a career specific professional resume that gets you interviewed.

Professional Resumes


To apply for most 9-to-5 office jobs or higher-level retail or restaurant jobs, job seekers need to send off professional resumes.

Professional Resume Formats

What are professional resumes? Professional resumes are simply documents that showcase one’s abilities to their potential employer.

Professional resumes can be simplistic visually or more elaborate, though extremely detailed designs are not necessary in professional resumes. They can elaborate more on one’s work history, (making them a chronological resume), one’s skills or academics, (making them a functional resume) or both, (making them a combination resume). Regardless, professional resumes are what gives the employer an idea of what to expect of you occupationally before they get a chance to see you in person. If you pique their interests enough, they will want to schedule an actual interview. If you don’t your resume along with all of the other professional resumes deemed unworthy will be deleted or thrown in the trash can. This article will provide some pointers so that your set of professional resumes will not suffer such a fate.

Keep Your Professional Resume Short

First, all professional resumes should be no longer than one or two pages. In fact, one page seems optimal. If the thought of having your professional resumes so short seems bothersome, don’t feel bad because the feelings are quite understandable. In school, you were never penalized for having an essay that was too long… in fact teachers encouraged it. At work things may have been the same way, as long as your presentations provided value despite their lengths. Yet, in the world of your potential employer, professional resumes that are too long take up too much of their precious time to read. Remember, your potential employer is receiving hundreds of professional resumes just like yours. He or she must have time to read through each of them along with doing their other tasks. They just don’t have the time to read professional resumes that are five pages long.

Use Action Words In Your Professional Resume

Secondly, professional resumes need to be full of colorful descriptions. Simple yet lively action verbs can help you better convey your skills and abilities on your professional resumes. To find these action verbs, simply type in “action verb for resumes” on a search engine. The sites that come up will feature the words that you need. Alternatively, you could think of less elaborate verbs and use to find better words for your professional resumes.

Make Your Professional Resume Stand Out

Lastly, try to make your professional resumes original when it comes to appearance. For example, if you’re creating professional resumes through templates on Microsoft Word or other word processors, don’t necessarily use the templates that come with the program. This is because everyone is using these templates for their professional resumes. If you use them your resume doesn’t stand out. So, do a very deep Internet search to find templates that are not as likely to be used. This means look at resume templates that are past the first 20 listings of search engine results. In fact, it is even better if you purchase the resume template, since free ones tend to be just as overused as the ones that come with a word processing program.

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