Retail Resume

Retail Resume

The layout of a retail resume can be very basic in design but should also contain enough information to get you the job you are searching for. Below you will find a helpful list of advice that you can use when you are writing a retail resume.

1. You need a very powerful introduction- This rule even applies if you have no intention of becoming a manager. In your introduction explain why you love working in retail and provide a little bit of your personality as well. Because you are in the retail business customer service is important and even on paper you have to show that you are a people person.

2. List the skills that retail workers must have – You can actually find a list of skills on any kind of retail website and use it on your resume. If you have more experience be sure to note that with each skill. If you have little to no experience then only focus on the basic retail skills that you already have.

3. Show you are creative and a people person – There are ways to do this either in the resume itself or even in your cover letter. The easiest way however is to use your job history as proof. Instead of going with the basic job history layout, outline details of the type of customers you had and how you responded to issues in the work place.

4. Supply references – This is a must for a retail resume. Because the retail business is such a large field it is hard to understand who will qualify and who won’t for a certain job. You can provide a reference that has written something for you and attach it to your resume or you can provide their phone number or email address so that your future employer can contact them directly.

As you can see these four tips are easy to do but can change your resume from something dull to something amazing. It only takes a little bit of easy work to have a perfect retail resume.

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