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Resume Outline


Essentially, your resume is an outline and the best way to get started on your resume is to create a basic resume outline. A basic resume consists of a number of different sections that are usually going to be on your resume.

Basic Resume Outline

These sections are your name, your profile, accomplishments/skills, career history and experience.

These are the four major sections you should have on your resume. Other sections you could include in your outline are your language skills, interests, and references.

Resume Outline

Let us break down each section of your resume outline.

Resume Outline: Contact Info

The first one is pretty basic and that is your name and contact information. This includes your address and telephone number (which includes both your home and cell phone number). You do not need to list a fax number on your resume or your outline and it is probably not a good idea to list your work number either unless you are self employed or you have a private line.

Resume Outline: Profile

The next section in your resume outline is your profile. This section is going to outline your skills, and capabilities that are relevant to the employer. This section of your outline should be brief. Try to keep it to 6 lines or less and while it should be factual, you can always put a little bit of personality in here.

Resume Outline: Achievements

The third section of you resume outline is your major achievements. Try to outline anywhere from 3-6 major achievements in this section. The achievements that you are listing in your outline should be what you have done for your current and previous employers. If you worked for a call center and have received any awards or recognition for your excellent customer service, this is the point in your outline you want o mention it. Achievements can also be anything that has to do with saving your company money, increasing profits, improving work flow or anything you may have done to improve company business.

Resume Outline: Work History

The fourth section of your resume outline is your work history. You should always list your work experience on your outline in reverse chronological order. This means you start your outline with your most recent or current job first and end with your earliest job. A rule of thumb for your resume outline is to really zone in on your current job and the job you had before that. The rest of them you can list a few key details about. Stick with outlining your main responsibilities on your résumé outline. If you were responsible for getting your boss his daily cup of coffee you do not need to list that on your outline. However if you helped your boss design a way to increase production while saving money, you want to make sure you put it on your outline.

Resume Outline: Education

The fifth and possible final section of your resume outline should be your education or any training you may have. You can also list any qualifications you may have in this section of your outline. You do not need to mention your GPA especially if it has been some time since you were in college.

Resume: Summary & Goals

Your whole goal is to make your resume outline as user friendly as possible for the employer who is reading it. They should be able to read quickly through your resume. Most of the time employers quickly scan resumes and you want to make sure that your resume outline jumps out at them.

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