Five Fast Ways to Create a Resume

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Fast Ways to Create a Resume; Resumes are very important for both self employed people promoting themselves as well as those looking for a job. However you might not want to invest $100 to $300 having a professional resume writer write your resume for you.

Writing a resume isn’t as hard as people may think it is. And the truth is there are tons of resume samples online as on .. as well as in the library.

Create a Fast Resume

However you don’t have to feel like you need to take a week or even a month to write a single resume.

The great thing is there are some fast ways to create a great looking and effective resume and you will find these 5 ways listed below.

Create a Resume Steps

1. Stick with only the basics. You don’t need to add a ton of background information. Instead focus on the important information.

2. Write only the most recent items – There is no need for your resume to be more than a page long. If you only place your last two jobs you won’t have to worry about page length.

3. Keep the skill list to a minimum – We all have a great number of skills however you don’t need to add more than 20 to your resume. Limit your skills to up to 7 and you will get done really fast.

4. Copy a resume you like – Everyone copies nice resumes and if you want to save time you should do the same thing.

5. Don’t try to make your resume too pretty- If you aren’t a graphic designer there is no reason to stress over making a pretty and colorful resume. Instead focus on the information and getting the item completed.

Create a Resume summary

As you can see these five fast ways of creating an effective resume aren’t that difficult to do. If you stick to these resume writing tips list and work hard on making your resume just the way you want it, you will get the job you want in no time at all.

Resume Layout

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While we all know that the format and the type of resume you pick to use is very important in creating a resume, but did you also know that they layout you use for your resume is just as important also.

Resume Layout Types

There are a number of types of layouts but, you should keep in mind that a resume layout also includes your use of white space and graphical elements.

All layouts should have equal margins that are between 1 in to 1.25 inches on all 4 sides.

You should make sure that if you are going to use any small graphical elements such as arrows you keep them in moderation.

Resume Layout: Columns

The first layout we are going to talk about is the traditional, one-column resume layout. This is the most common layout and chances are you resume looks like this one. Your objective or skills summary, job history and education are listed one after another down the page and all the lines have a left indentation.

A more creative resume layout is the two column resume layout. This layout consists of your headings such as experience, Education and skills over on the far left column and then the corresponding points over on the right column. If you are looking for a clean look to a very short resume you should try using a left-aligned resume layout.


This layout has all of your headings and bullets aligned to the left and under each other. Finally the centered resume layout can be hard to read. Everything is centered from your heading to your bullet points. However if you use the right format and layout features you can have an appealing resume.

Other things to keep in mind about your layout are to make sure you use the appropriate spacing between your sections. Two or three line spaces are usually the norm; anything else could make your resume look bare. Also make sure use the same type of headings in all the sections of your resume. For example if you use bold letter and all caps to write out “SKILLS” make sure the rest of your headings match that.

Resume Layout: Fonts

Another good idea to keep in mind about your resume layout is the fonts. Do not try to change your fonts through out your resume. Do not use one font for your heading and another font for your bullet points. Keep the type of font you use simple and eye pleasing.

With all the selections of fonts that are out there today, you might want to use one that looks a little fancier than say the generic Times New Roman. Unless you are in the creative and artistic field, do not try to fancy your resume layout up with a funky font. As far as resumes go, the more conservative, the better.

Your resume needs to be perfect from top to bottom and having the right layout can really make a difference. If the layout is hard for you to read, than chances are it is going too hard for the employer to read to.

Resume Layout Goal

Your whole goal when creating a resume is to make your layout out as eye pleasing as possible.

Resume Format Sample

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Resume Format Sample

Functional Resume Format

Often organized by skills and job functions.
Your employment history is listed as a separate section.
College students should consider using a functional format, especially if their work experience is very diverse and/or unrelated to the position they are applying to.

Chronological Resume Format

Often organized by experience: job/company/responsibilities/accomplishments.
Actually listed in reverse chronological order, last to first.
Used by most job seekers.

Skills Based or Targeted Resume Format

As resume writing experts we suggest you create a different resume for each position you apply for.

The resume is organized by skills and functions from previous work experience.
The targeted resume format focuses on a specific, targeted position (often from a job listing.)
You may avoid doing a targeted skills based resume for every different job by creating a targeted cover letter.

The resume format you decide to use should always have two objectives. To put you, your experience and skills in the very best light and get the interview. If your resume is not getting you interviews you need to make changes and make a new resume.

If you are stuck and are having a tough time with resume formats or on how to write a resume you should try our easy resume builder that will make a resume for you in short order. We are so positive our resume builder will help that we provide a money back guarantee.